We're fully engaged in the second half of the MLB betting season. Those road games are going to get tougher and tougher when push comes to shove, and you need to know which teams are really struggling on the MLB betting odds thus far this season.

(Home record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Chicago White Sox (18-34, -$1,348) - The White Sox have yet to go on the road in the second half of the campaign, but when they do, you know that you're going to want to fade away. The team actually did win its second to last road series of the first half against the Tigers, but that was really the only winning road series that the team has put together since taking two out of three from the Royals in June. It's just not pretty, and it is going to get significantly uglier when some of the men like Alex Rios, Alexei Ramirez, Jake Peavy, and Jesse Crain end up getting traded. Manager Robin Ventura really has his work cut out for him, and it's not going to be easy at all to try to get the job done with this ragtag group of players.

San Francisco Giants (19-31, -$1,211) - The Giants playing poor ball on the road is nothing new. They really haven't had many fantastic seasons away from AT&T Park in recent years, especially when playing divisional games. Remember that included in this mix is a 5-3 "road win" against the Reds yesterday in a game that was actually played at AT&T Park. Prior to that though, the Giants did close out the first half of the season by taking three out of four from the Padres. Still, in legit road games against teams that are anywhere near the thick of the playoff race, San Francisco is just 1-10 in its last 11 dating back to June 15th. If you want to know why the defending World Series champs aren't going to end up in the playoffs this year, that's why.

Milwaukee Brewers (16-30, -$1,129) - The poor Brewers are really competing hard to try to become the worst team in baseball this year, and if not for the efforts of the Marlins and the Astros to be worse than that, they probably would have pulled it off. Alas, the 16 road wins this year for Milwaukee matches what both Houston and Miami have accomplished in 2013. If you thought that things were going to get better for the Brewers when Ryan Braun was able to get back in the fold, think about. Braun's season is said and done with now that he has been suspended for the remainder of the campaign, and that's going to hurt an offense that is already only producing 3.87 runs per game.

San Diego Padres (18-33, -$875) - The fact of the matter is that the Padres really haven't played poorly on the road to start off the second half of the season. They took the first two games against the Brewers (but you see how well they're playing right now!), and they managed to win a game in St. Louis as +192 underdogs on Saturday. It was prior to that though, that really killed San Diego. They went east for a horrid 10-game trip against the Marlins, Nationals, and Red Sox, and they went 1-9 in those games, dropping eight units of profits along the way. The team averaged just 3.20 runs per game in that stretch, and that came after scoring nine in the first game and seven in the final game.

Washington Nationals (21-29, -$819) - You wouldn't think of the Nationals as one of the worst money teams in the game, but alas, this year on the road, they have been terrible. The pitching staff was what was supposed to carry this team this year, and that's exactly what has happened. What hasn't happened though, is the offense. This team ranks second to last in the league in average run production, and it's really showing on the road of late, where the club is managing just 2.71 runs per game in its last seven on the road, five of which have resulted in losses. If the Nats are going to get back in the fight in the NL East – something that is seemingly a lot less likely now than it was a few weeks ago – they are going to have to really start to turn this lousy road record completely upside down.