The Major League Baseball is past the halfway point as the All Star game is in the books. Now the sports gamblers and the baseball franchises will focus on finishing the season strong. Just because a team has had some success in the first half of the season, it does not mean that will have similar success in the second half of the season.

The best race in baseball is in the American League West between the Angles and the A’s. Oakland is sporting the best record in the majors, but Anaheim is only a game and a half behind them with the second best record in baseball. Oakland recently bolstered an already strong starting rotation by trading for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. The Angels and A’s rank one and two, respectively, in runs scored, but the A’s have a gigantic edge when it comes to starting pitching. With a healthy lineup and Trout who is one of the best young players in baseball, betting on the Angels now would provide the most value.

The bigger question maybe who will win the American League East. Baltimore goes into the break with a four-game lead. Toronto is hanging around and could make a move if they start clicking. The race is still wide open, but does anybody care? Boston looks like they should have looked last year. The Yankees are slightly less irrelevant, but the loss of Tanaka should spoil any hopes of a summer surge for Yankee fans. Tampa bay is looking like a team that is more likely to be looking to make deal than any serious playoff run. While Baltimore is the front runner, Derek Jeter and the Yankees would be a feel good story that would provide plenty of profit to the brave baseball bettor who is willing to put a few bucks on them.

Finally now is a good time to review your World Series wagers from the start of the season and see if any adjustments could be made. St. Louis will not need Michael Wacha or Yadier Molina to catch the Brewers, as the Brewers should give them plenty of opportunities, the Cardinals will, however, need them healthy if they expect to do anything in October. If healthy this team could be a favorite to win it all, but betting on them now could provide the most value.

With football season around the corner, now is the time to make adjustments on future wagers when it comes to Major League Baseball. These kind of adjustments and wagers could be the difference in losing and winning in October. The extra money to bet on college football and the National Football League is not so bad either!