The Super Bowl is almost always exciting, but for those of us that love to bet on sports, the game is almost secondary to all of the enjoyment that we get out of handicapping the props.

We mentioned it already, but over 1,000 props for Super Bowl LV are going to be available at BetOnline Sportsbook for wagering purposes. However, if you’re running low on funds or are diving into the prop pool for the first time, there are alternative ways of enjoying the Super Bowl betting bonanza.

The Free $5,500 Props Predictor Contest is one way to do that at BetOnline. The entry is free, but in order to qualify for a prize, you need to place at least $25 in real-money wagers on the Super Bowl LV prop market by kickoff.

The Props Predictor Contest will pay out the top 33 places a total of $5,500 in honor of the 55th Super Bowl. That’s what LV stands for, in case you are bad with roman numerals like we are.

Here’s how it works:

– Sign in and redeem your free entry

– Make picks on each of the 20 questions listed

– Make at least $25 worth of real-money wagers on the Super Bowl LV prop market

– Wait until February 8 to see how you did on the leaderboard

That’s it. Pretty simple, right? It isn’t supposed to be hard. The contest will be graded on February 8 and prizes will be applied to the accounts that finish in the money by February 10.

Here are the payouts:

1st – $1000

2nd – $750

3rd – $500

4th – $350

5th – $250

6th-10th – $150

11th-15th – $125

16th-20th – $100

21st-25th – $75

26th-33rd – $50


While those aren’t life-changing prize amounts by any means, keep in mind that this is a FREE TO ENTER CONTEST. All you have to do is put $25 on the prop market and you could very well win that bet or those bets anyway.

Since I’m sure you’re wondering, here are the 20 questions:

– Over/under 2 minutes, 0 seconds on the National Anthem

– Result of Coin Toss

– Team to Score First

– First Scoring Play (TD, FG, Safety)

– Team to Commit First Accepted Penalty

– Team to Call First Timeout

– Team to Use First Coach’s Challenge

– First Turnover of Game

– Over/under 1.5 Yards Shortest TD

– Most Passing Yards

– Most Rushing Yards (Player)

– Most Receiving Yards (Player)

– Who Will Throw First TD Pass

– First TD Scorer (Player)

– Yes/No Defensive/Special Teams TD Scored

– Over/under 47.5 Yards Longest Field Goal

– Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach

– Who will MVP Mention First in Speech

– Over/under 56 Points Scored

– Winning Team

That’s it. That is your game of 20 questions to win up to $1,000 in prizes from BetOnline Sportsbook.