Shocking Facts About Lionel Messi, The Greatest Footballer Of All Time

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    Fans of athlete Lionel Messi square measure in an exceedingly state of shock as he has declared retirement once the loss in Copa America final against Chile.

    1. Messi’s full name is Luis Lionel Andres Messi and he had been appointed as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in March 2010.

    2. He could also be terribly healthy and work currently however throughout his childhood, he suffered from somatotropin deficiency that stopped his traditional growth at the age of eleven.

    3. Messi became the third youngest player once he contend for Barcelona at the age of seventeen. What’s a lot of, he’s conjointly the youngest player to attain for Barcelona.

    4. Carles Rexach, the sporting director of Barcelona, was thus affected along with his game that he needed to sign a contract with him like a shot, however as there was no paper obtainable, Messi’s 1st contract was signed on a paper napkin.

    5. Messi had affected port to the extent that they were able to lookout of his medical expenses, move him together with his family to Spain and sign him once he was simply thirteen.

    6. Messi has 2 passports – initial is Argentina’s and second is Spain’s.

    7. In 2005, his international debut was of simply forty seven seconds as he was given a red card when he came on the sector as a substitute.

    8. Spain offered him a berth in national team that Messi refused.

    9. Messi is being referred to as with several nicknames and one among them is “The Flea”. This name is given to him attributable to his speed and lightsomeness.

    10. Messi’s tattoo on his calf shows his son’s name further more as handprints.

    Source:- Shocking Facts About Lionel Messi, The Greatest Footballer Of All Time



    Ronaldo is a better player overall.

    He is 10 times a better passer.

    And he is a better sportsman than Messi.


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