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    Closing down the sportsbook and reimporting the data too many inconsistencies with that we will lose some bets today. Sorry but I would rather have better overall numbers on past history then it is currently



    Mock-SB still has some bizarre bugs in it…

    One nice feature would be to indicate placed totals wagers
    with the word ‘Over’ (or ‘Under’ as the case may be) —
    that would help out all concerned, certainly.

    And the emoticons & emoji’s glitter I can live without,
    but to help out readers, it sure would be nice to
    have an extra font type, like ARIAL or COURIER
    and also adjustments thereof such as BOLD, Italic,
    and UNDERSCORE. If used correctly by the poster,
    these features once found in BTB’s site (but now
    somehow LOST in this newest incarnation of BTB’s
    website-makeover) can really assist the readership!!



    The Mock-SB is still not returning the correct amount for Wins.

    It is not crediting back the amount wagered.

    The BTB website changes may be cuter
    but the inoperabilities are in no way an
    improvement, needing some repairs.


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    I have never noticed this, I made bunch of bets right now and will check it again. Is it all sports? Straights? Parlays? etc..



    Thursday October 6, 2016 ==> Bets are still listed as “Open.”

    Amounts wagered NOT RETURNED !!
    (Winnings yes, returned — but NOT the amounts used to place the winning bets).

    Broken Mock Sportsbook — that’s where we are.

    …sad for this site

    Sure do wish it worked well like it used to do
    (before the website’s techie-glitzy facelift)



    On Sunday October 30th i bet over 48 pts on the TB/oak NFL game for $8000. Final score Oak 30-24 in ot. I was paid the winnings about 7300 or so, but never got paid the 8 thousand that I wagered. Sent a couple of emails to try get it straightened out and no reply. I have been with btb for a couple weeks and I would really be pissed off if ever made a deposit at any book that is as shady as this place!!! I would be slandering them daily at SBR, OSHA, and any one else that would listen. Companies like that take the fun out of my favorite pastime. Like I said the OP



    6 Nov 2016

    Hey Geo,

    I agree with you.

    It has been so very many months I cannot remember, but
    the Malfunctions you’ve mentioned are still occiring, along
    with the following Errors still prevalent, and worsening…

    There are times when time does not permit a write-up,
    so I resort to the quicker Mock Sportsbook in order to
    identify my selections to those who bother to follow.

    But I don’t even bother much anymore using the Mock SB.
    Who would? Every time I do my Total Earnings go down
    despite winning.
    Parlays I hit were incorrectly classified as losses.
    But in addition to Parlays played getting posted as losses,
    even Straight Wagers have not gotten the wager itself re-credited.
    …But now it’s even worse, as the Winnings are not even credited.

    Case In Point:
    The latest game on the board was in the NBA:
    I at least identified via the Mock SB:
    I had the Lakers to win outright (ML)
    as well as of course cover the 12pt (ATS)
    vs. the Golden State Warriors…

    Thus, every time one wins, one loses = Why bother to post Plays?
    (at this juncture, would of had over 5, but now am down to 2.9).
    Now that the Mock SB does NOT even credited one’s Winnings,
    let alone return the amount wagered… there’s no good reason
    to contribute ones capping, I’m afraid.


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    Hey guys we’re trying to figure this out…I’ve made straight bets, parlays, teasers of every kind and tracking my balance and thus far it’s correct in that all of the winnings where applicable as well as the original bet amounts were returned as they should and my balance is correct so far….we do realize that there are times when that doesn’t happen but it thus far appears completely random….Ryan and I are making a bunch of every type of bet to see if we can get it to duplicate to isolate when it’s happening so we can fix it….hang tight and it’s not like it’s real money…..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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