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    Fade squads:
    UCLA — no defense, as both USC & Zona exploited to victory over them.

    Tenn — too young for expereinced teams, ‘tho vs. youthful Kentucky they match up well.

    Maryland — excepting Melo, young frosh, & benefited from an extremely favorable schedule.

    Baylor — the Belgian Manu LeCompte is the one & only good ball handler with a 3pt power.


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    Arizona, Dayton, and to a lesser extent Iowa State growing stronger…


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    As posted previously herein,
    Kansas’ 2 proven point guards
    means a tough task for teams
    w/o experience, w/o chemistry.

    With Saturday’s victory, Kansas
    now has 2,005 all-time victories,
    2nd most in NCAA history,
    Kentucky stays at 2,222 …


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    Under HC Calipari, Kentucky is now only 9-8
    when facing a top-5 ranked team …

    Saturday’s game marked the 1st time since
    31 December 2011, that two teams ranked
    in the top five met at Rupp Arena — a time
    when Kentucky had their best team in years
    (as opposed to this year’s weaker version)
    beating a top-tier Louisville team 69-62, &
    went on to beat Kansas in the Championship
    (that Louisville team won it all the next year).


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    Pro & College BASKETBALL •—> Road Fav’s w/ a poor charity-stripe-%age
    covering the spread is quite the rarity.


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    ••—> Pendo’s TV-RULES System => Offense-Stressed Sys :=
    After midway-pt (circa 2 Febuary) in season, bet on teams w/ Kenpom Offensive Efficiency ≥ 50 pts higher than foe.


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    •••—> Pendo’s NCAAB Tournament Creamed-System := Teams that creamed their opponent by 10+ points win their next round.


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    2 related historic trends in CBB

    For the first time in NCAAB FINAL FOUR history,
    Indiana University will miss the Big Dance, and
    for the first time in NCAAB FINAL FOUR history,
    Northwestern Univ. will make it into The Tourny.


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    Teams have much more control over how many 3’s their opponent shoots
    as opposed to how many their opponent makes.

    A a relationship exists such that a good 2P% defense
    means a good 3P% defense.

    A team’s decisions on the type of 3-pt shots they’ll take
    is dependent on their ability to score inside the arc.
    Teams take more risky 3’s if it’s tough to score inside.

    There’s some converse effect in the data, too, for if one
    believes a defense has influence on three-point shooting,
    then opponents might take tougher two’s iff open-three’s
    are more difficult to get. But it mostly goes the other way.


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    Free-throw-defense using opponents’ FT% is illogical.
    Still, plenty of references to 3-pt defense exist in print,
    & ‘tho free-throw defense & three-point defense exist,
    it’s best measured by the amount of 3-pt shots taken
    rather than the statistically noisy data set derived by
    the %age of shots a team’s opponent actually makes.


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    A Defense has considerably more direct effect upon 2P-FG% than 3P-FG%.
    An Offense is by & large in control of the quality of 3-point shots it takes, affected by the quality of the opposing 2P% defense.
    3P-FG% is also adversely affected by effective shot-challenging (by playing D w/ smart Footwork, & not hands nor hips, etc.).
    A 3% swing from the statistical mean hereby results from the aforesaid.
    Thus, ‘3P%-Defense’ is an actuality, not just some totally random affair.


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    Updated futures odds from the LV SuperBook for the
    2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship


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    Purdue had to beat Terps & Refs (4-II-17)

    Brian Dorsey’s awful officiating
    nearly got Maryland the win vs.
    the Purdue Boilermakers.

    Dorsey and his group of officials
    were those fixers mired in that sick
    controversy that saw them publicly
    supporting Karl Hess in his recent
    dust up w/ Mark Gottfried’s NC St.
    by wearing the taped-on ‘KH’ on
    their shoes in the opening round of
    the ACC Tournament.

    Dorsey again was an official on Hess’
    crew that called the controversial game
    at RBC Center when Chris Corchiani
    & Tom Gugliotta were ejected.

    This time, Dorsey was smiling, chatting
    and patting Maryland’s players after they
    looked at him in awe when he repeatedly
    and purposely failed to call fouls on them.
    However against Purdue, Dorsey called so
    many ticky-tack fouls that Caleb Swanigan
    fouled-out (Swanigan turned red-hot from
    beyond the arc, pulling Purdue back into
    the game; thus Caleb, well he had to go),
    w/ the final foul assessed to him – despite
    the ball loose in the air after Melo lost his

    But Dorsey was not threw with his fixing:
    Trimble was put by him back on the line
    each and every time he drove, ensuring
    that the Terps could stay in the game, for
    Purdue had gone Wisconsin on the Terps
    such that the Terps made ZERO baskets
    in the final 7:36 minutes of the game !!!!
    they’re only points came from the Charity
    Stripe donated by ref Brian Dorsey.

    Purdue only led for 59 seconds in the game,
    thanks largely to Dorsey & his gang of refs.
    But they stole the lead, 73-72, with seconds
    left in the game…

    So then the Terps’ final desperation throw-in
    was intercepted by Purdue’s center Haas, as
    time expired… GAME OVER.


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    BUT WAIT, Dorsey can rescue that money…

    And again Dorsey made another awful call of
    “traveling” on Haas, which the replay showed
    he did not until time expired.

    WAIT 1 MORE, Dorsey will save the $$$…

    So, on top of the made-up call, Dorsey put
    0.5 seconds back on the clock —
    less than 0.5 seconds means a tip-in ONLY,
    but a whole half-second allows for the Terps to
    have a catch-and-shoot chance to win the game.

    Dorsey made up another new rule — although
    he did not raise his hand, nor blow his whistle,
    until AFTER TIME EXPIRED — as the clock
    clearly read 00:00 on every replay displayed —
    Dorsey’s new rule meant that he could put back
    time from the moment he judged Haas’ travelled,
    — w/o regard to the lack of a raised arm by any
    ref, w/o regard to the lack of a whistle.

    Dorsey made Mich’s stop of OSU on 4th down
    look like fair refereeing.

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