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    The Giants saw all four of their games against the NFC North go ‘under’ this season.
    Green Bay was 3-1 to the ‘under’ versus the NFC East this season, with Washington
    outscoring GB 42-24 with a total posted at 48.


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    Huge ML bucks on Pitt,
    driving up Miami point
    spread rise up to 12.5


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    Top Yugoslavian Coaches (ML = ++):

    Bill Belichick, NFL (largest Fav ever to win SB)

    Nick Saban, NCAAF (Can tie Bear Bryant tonight)

    Gregg Popovich, NBA


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    Chargers may not be the only NFL team that gets the heck outta Dodge.

    The Raiders are trying to relocate to Vegas & they’ve made “impressive” progress,
    so sayeth one very high-level, powerful NFL executive decision maker…
    Repeating the message that came down from on high, Mr. Eric Grubman said progress
    Raiders have made on LV deal is “impressive.”

    — January 12, 2017

    The Raiders looked to be on schedule toward their move.
    They have the necessary funding for a proposed $1.9 billion,
    $60,500-seat domed stadium in Las Vegas.
    They have secured $750 million in public money,
    $650 million from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson
    and Raiders owner Mark Davis has pledged to contribute $500 million.

    Influential owners such as the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones
    and New England Patriots Robert Kraft have indicated support for the move.

    However, some owners worried about having a significant gambling presence
    in the Raiders ownership structure, are balking at Adelson’s involvement.
    There’s a early movement toward having the stadium financed
    without Adelson’s involvement.

    “It would have to be in compliance with our rules,” Art Rooney,
    owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and chairman of the league’s
    stadium committee, told reporters Wednesday.
    “The Raiders are looking at the potential of doing it
    without Adelson if it comes down to that.”

    The Raiders want to get the heck out after failing to
    con, then bribe with kickbacks the Oakland taxpayers
    to secure funding to build a new stadium in Oakland.

    Davis & Adelson continue to negotiate the stadium deal,
    Davis has until Feb. 15 to officially file for relocation.
    If Davis files for relocation, a vote could take place in
    late March at the NFL owner’s meetings.
    Seventy-five percent (24 of 32) of the league’s owners
    must support the proposal for approval.


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    if a bunch of million dollar slaried defensive players can be
    motivated to injure opponents for a mere $1,000 or $1,500,
    what sort of money can be paid to demotivate them?

    What’s the cost for them to miss tackles (a la Marshawn Lynch
    in the 2011 NFC Wildcard game)?

    What it cost to get a DB to let a WR get behind him for a TD?

    Fixing a game isn’t as costly as many would lead you to believe,
    especially if it isn’t fixed already…


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    The Auburn Tigers point guard Varez Ward was
    arrested on allegations of point shaving and
    game fixing during the 2011-12 season.

    When his conviction finally runs out of appeals,
    he faces 5 years in prison + a $250,000 fine.

    He made them several mil, but at $10k/game
    the fine will leave him a few k short of even.


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    That is a bizarre record.


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