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    Honestly haven’t paid much attention to college hoops yet, but now is the time with football totally winding down…one thing I noticed the last couple of games was that Duke has been a very slow starting team and they seem to crank it up in the 2nd half…I just went to scoresandodds and they have the halftime lines for all but 2 of the Duke games and they are a whopping 10-1 ats in the 2nd half so far this year….the only loss was to FGCU in their 3rd game where they were already up 20+ at halftime…

    Now whenever I find something like this that I haven’t taken advantage of ( I bet them once 2h so far…) I always wonder what’s the best thing to do with it because obviously the books know the same thing, as do the sharp bettors out there…

    Do we continue to roll with it until they start losing? Do we assume the books will adjust and so we go the other way?..I don’t want to get hammered betting into something that’s going to average itself back out….

    What’s the best strategy using this going forward?


    I think I would play it a few times to see if the trend continues, but that’s just the way I roll LOL!!



    Duke is a slow starting team for sure, I have been betting the under in the 1st half and have done pretty well. The total is usually pretty inflated because its Duke. I think once they start playing in the conference and are playing on a more frequent basis things will start to even out though…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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