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    Florida State gets just as many top players as Bama,
    and Clemson has handled them for the past years –
    Clemson’s played last year’s Bama (a better, more
    balanced Bama) very close and could’ve won –
    now Clemson knows Bama and has an even
    more experienced Watson QB vs. an 18 y.o.
    = a QB who has thrown all over Bama in
    the big Championship last year 2016
    Versus an 18 year old who is Hurt &
    afraid to throw for a win fearing pick6
    —> crunch time’s Clemson’s therefore.

    Clemson ML


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    It’s a SURE LOCK, Watson =

    That is, when they wait until
    the end of all NCAAF Bowls.

    This will help ensure the integrity
    of the game, bowls and teams !!
    McCafferey, Fournette, and the like,
    who duck out on their teams & fans
    skipping their bowls in order to pass
    the NFL’s Combine, lose any chance
    to be considered for the Heisman,
    let alone win it.




    Watson is a true Hesiman winner…so glad they beat Bama!


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    To doubt that this super academic, early graduate,
    who is the only QB to put up unworldly numbers
    against Alabama — and in the biggest game of
    the year — and in back-to-back years — is not
    an NFL superstar in waiting…

    only shows the closed-circuit the NFL and their
    scouts & agents are in, and the extra crtique he
    is already getting is because Mr. QB Watson is
    Black. Watson has went far beyond what Dak
    has ever accomplished vs. Bama, and we all
    see how much better the Cowboys are for
    playing him over Romo..
    or any of those other 2nd-rate NFL QB’s.

    Watson can be a very great NFL QB were
    he given the chance, and he really ought
    to be given the chance to dazzle fans
    of the NFL.


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    2017-2018 college football’s WINNERs
    top recruits’ commitments
    USC gains 6
    Alabama gets 4
    Florida 3
    South Florida snags 3
    Michigan 2
    Miami 2



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Viewing 6 posts - 121 through 126 (of 126 total)

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