Rob V: NHL Game 6 Historical Power System Play  


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May 21, 2019 2:52 pm  

The 2019 7* NBA Playoff Game Of The year headlines the Tuesday card. We continue to rank #1 in NBA on Multiple networks. In bases we have out Game of the week. NHL Game 6 below.

The NHL Game 6 power Play is on St. Louis at 8;05 eastern. Home teams in game 6 that were down 2-1 in a series and are off back to back wins to take a 3-2 lead are 3-1 all time in this round. The Blues are 7-1 after scoring 5+ goals and Any home team off a road win scoring 4 or more goals is on a 51-25 run. The Sharks were put on ice at home on Sunday and are 3-11 in games 6 when down 3-2 in a series. They have lost 6 of 6 as a playoff dog of +110 or more and have dropped 7 of the last 10 on the road. The Blues have won 30 of 42 with 1 day of rest and the home team has won 7 of 10 in the series, Blues vs Bruins coming up. On Tuesday the 2019 NBA Playoff Game of the year is up and rated as a rare 7* play. We also have MLB with our Game of the week headlining. See us at or on facebook to jump on. For the NHL Free play. Go with St. Louis. Rob V- GC Sports


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