When signing up for a sport betting site, the person that likes to bet on sports will look at manty different options. They want to make sure that they are playing with a safe online sportsbook and they want to make sure that the sportsbook that they choose will have an incredible reputation. They also want to make sure that the sports betting site that they are choosing has great betting options and an easy to use interface that allows them to place their wagers quickly with little to no hassle. The site must also have a all-in-one mobile interface to allow them to use the sports betting site on the go. These are just a few of the things that a sport bettor will look for when they are signing up with a new sportsbook. Although these are all great things that people should look for, there is always something else that they crave and that is a big bonus.

Although bonuses are important they should not be your No. 1 reason for signing up with a sportsbook. Yet they always seem to get the attention of the sports bettor because it always adds extra betting money to their betting account. The perfect scenario is signing up with a safe and secure sport betting site that also offers a great bonus. At Bang the Book we investigate all of the sportsbooks out in the market today and we offer a long list of reputable sports betting sites to sign up with. Since we have a great knowledge of the sports betting sites we also will offer extravagant bonuses when you sign up with one of these locations.

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5 Dimes is an A+ rated sports betting site and they have been in the sports betting business for decades since they opened their doors in 1998. If you open an account at 5 Dimes via our web site you will get an incredible 50 percent bonus up to $2,000 to instantly boost your bankroll for the busiest sports betting time of the year.

Finally if you sign up at Galaxy Sports, which is another A rated sportsbook, you will get a 100 percent bonus up to $300 when you sign up at Bang the Book.

When signing up with a new sportsbook you want a safe place to bet at along with a great bonus. When you sign up with a new sport betting site at Bang the Book you will get the best of both worlds!