Defensive Player Prop Bets & Picks for Super Bowl LIV


For all of the talk about the offensive personnel for Super Bowl LIV, players on the defense are going to have to make plays, too. Somebody has to make the tackles. Somebody has to get the sacks. Somebody has to force the turnovers or make the interceptions, assuming there are any.

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Every play has an offensive player and a defensive player and that can create a lot of value in the Super Bowl prop betting market. Most people look hard and heavy at the props for the offensive players. Very few people take the time to consider the defensive players.

And you hear it all the time in the breakdown of the game. Player X will be on Travis Kelce or Player Y will draw the assignment of Emmanuel Sanders. How everything lines up will not only have a huge impact on the game, but also on the statistics that all of these players are able to accumulate. And that is a market that you can look to exploit.

That is what Brian Blessing is trying to do with this Super Bowl. He is looking for opportunity in several different prop betting areas and one of them that he has found is on the defensive side. In fact, one of Brian’s strongest prop betting picks for the entire game is one of these individual defensive player props.

Intrigued? You should be. Give this video a watch and see what Brian is thinking for 49ers vs. Chiefs, why that bet makes sense, and the other bets that he is looking to make with the defensive side of the ball in mind.

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