The box pool or 100-square pool is king of the Super Bowl office pools and is one that many people have seen before. It’s simply a 10-square-by-10-square box, giving you a total of 100 squares. When it is blank, it will look like this (Download Blank/Empty Super Bowl Square Pool):

When you pay the entry fee, you write your name in one of the boxes. After all 100 squares of the pool are filled , the numbers 0-9 are drawn and each is given a spot at the top of the pool, as well as down the side. After your pool is filled it will look like:

What this means is if the final score of the game is Panthers 24, Broncos 20, the winner of the pool would be Vince, as Vince has the corresponding number of Panthers =4 and Broncos =0. If the final score is reversed, where the Broncos won 24-20, the winner of the pool would be Ray, as he has the corresponding number of Panthers =0, Broncos =4.

The only numbers you’re interested in are the last digits of a team’s score. In football, it makes no difference if a team scores 7, 17, 27 or 37 points; the person who has the number 7 in the pool would have the correct side.

Creating a Super Bowl Box Pool

Filled Super Bowl Square Pool

          The steps for creating the Super Bowl Square pools are simple:

  1. Create a 100-square grid or box.
  2. Assign one team as the top team and one team as the side team. In the example above, the Panthers are the top team and the Broncos are the
  3.  side team.
  4. Have participants fill out the pool as they buy squares.
  5. Draw the numbers 0-9 for the top of the pool and then draw 0-9 for the side of the pool.
  6. When the game is over, look at the final score and find the winning square in order to pay the winner.

You can also pay out after each quarter if you prefer or pay out at halftime and then again when the game is over. It’s up to you, but make sure the stipulations are known to players before they sign-up. You can write on the blank pool that players sign their names on if you are going to pay out after every quarter, every half or just on the final score.

Also note the percentage of the pool that will be paid out after each quarter or at halftime. Some pools will pay a flat 25% after each quarter, while others will pay 20% after each of the first three quarters and 40% when the game is final. You can also pay 10% after the first quarter, 20% at halftime, 30% after the third quarter and 40% to the final score winner.

Depending on the number of friends and co-workers you have, you can also create specific pools for each quarter or for halftime, if you would prefer to that. There’s no limit what you can do with your box pool.