College Football Betting Week 8 Strategies: Fade Road Weary Teams

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The college football betting strategy for week 8 features an interesting angle that are very obvious, but even the most seasoned handicappers forget to use it. The tool that we are talking about is the schedule. The schedule is often overlooked because handicappers tend to focus on the week that is currently in action and not past or future weeks.

Here at bang the we reveal a different strategy every week so you don’t have to do the leg work and this week, we focus on the road weary teams.

Traveling during the college football season can be a grind for teams and this week a team that will feel the effects are the Stanford Cardinal.

The Cardinal travel to California this week to take on the Golden Bears and this will be the third road game in four weeks. To make matters worse the Cardinal are off a very emotional game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Stanford had a chance to upset the Irish and give them their first loss of the season but they came up short on the goal line in overtime. That kind of emotional game will wear on some of the best teams in college football, but it keeps getting worse for Stanford.

The one game that they did play at home was against Arizona. That game was exhausting. The Cardinal ended up winning the game by the final score of 54-48 but that game also went to overtime. So the Cardinal has played two out of three games on the road, two games in overtime and they return from a trip to the Midwest to play California.

The Golden Bears have played three of the last four games at home and they will be well-rested and ready to go at home in this Pac-12 throw down.

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