College Football Betting Strategy For Week 3: Watching Odds and Injuries

College Football Betting Strategy

The biggest game of the week in college football was going to be the game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Alabama Crimson Tide. However after last week that game could change dramatically.

In a stunning upset the Razorbacks were defeated by Louisiana-Monroe in a monumental upset that dropped the Hogs from the polls. The team plummeted from the No. 8 spot and the loss could be attributed to star quarterback Tyler Wilson. That brings us to college strategy for week three—watching odds and injuries.

Currently Wilson is listed as day-to-day as the injury report is unclear. With that type of report the odds should swing Alabama’s favor. Those odds are already in favor of the Tide but they could skyrocket if it is announced that Wilson will not suit up for this game. This is a very important reason to watch the odds and the injury reports.
The game is currently off the board in most locations, but a game that is this high profile will demand a line. Once the line is put out, smart bettors will jump on it if they want to take advantage of value. Betting the game the minute the line is put on the board allows for other angles.

For instance, if it is announced that Wilson will not play the line could easily jump three points or more. Wilson is that much of an impact player. Wilson is a senior and very talented and he has a chance to make the Heisman Trophy ballot at year’s end.

While the team may struggle with Wilson at the helm, they will definitely have problems with Brandon Allen under center. In fact the Razorbacks will toy with putting converted wide receiver Brandon Mitchell under center this will give even more uncertainly to the line as the game approaches.

The best thing to do is to get on the game right away on the side that you think will win and then watch the injuries and football odds all week to get more value or buy back when needed.

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