It has been a terrific 2023 college football season, and the best is yet to come when it comes time for the College Football Playoffs. There are some years in which a few teams tend to rise above the rest, but that isn’t necessarily the case this season.

It’s not even going to be easy to predict which four teams are going to make it to the CFP this season as you can make a good case for about 10 teams. That is reflected in the betting odds at BetDSI as well, and these odds have been shifting in a major way over the past few weeks. 

Two Clear Favorites

Getting into the College Football Playoff field is the first step for each team, and there are only two teams that look to be locks. Those teams are the Georgia Bulldogs and Michigan Wolverines, and that is why those are the two betting favorites. 

Michigan currently has the best odds to win the CFP this season at +250, but that is a program that appears to be in turmoil. The Wolverines are dealing with a massive cheating scandal, and it’s unclear if the Wolverines will even be able to play in the postseason or if a ban is coming. 

Georgia is next on the list at +300, and the Bulldogs are actually looking for a third straight title. The Bulldogs have not been as dominant this season, but they have been able to get through the season without a loss up to this point. 

There is a reason that these two teams are the currency betting favorites, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to stay there all year. 

Plenty of Contenders

The next CFP rankings are going to paint a clearer picture of what teams have a realistic shot at playing for the title, but there is still three weeks left of the season. Most teams already have a loss, and that means that another loss will keep them from getting into the field. 

Florida State is a team without a loss this season and they currently have betting odds at +675 to win the title. The Seminoles are going to be big favorites all year to win, and that could get them into the final four teams. 

Ohio State is the next team without a loss at +700, but the Buckeyes are going to have to get past Michigan in the final game of the season. If the Buckeyes are able to win that game then you are going to see their odds jump up in a big way. 

Here is a look at some of the other contenders that you should consider if you are going to make this wager:

  • Alabama +800
  • Oregon +900
  • Washington +1200
  • Texas +1500

The odds over at BetDSI really fall off after that point, and you don’t really want to take the risk in betting on any of the other teams. 

If Michigan Survives, They Win

The Big Ten Conference could be looking to suspend Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, or even give the team a postseason ban. The second option does seem a bit unlikely, but that is something that could impact how things play out at the national level. 

The Georgia Bulldogs just haven’t been as dominant this season, and winning three championships in a row is nearly impossible to do. Betting on the Bulldogs is not going to be a good play this year as they will come up just a bit short.

Betting on the Michigan Wolverines is the way to go if they are eligible to play as this team is loaded. Bet on Michigan at +250 as the national championship is coming back to the Big Ten Conference.