College Football Betting Strategies: Shop Around

College Football Week 15 Odds

The term “Shop around” is not well known in most betting circles, but all professionals know exactly what it means. The term quite simply refers  to line shopping or getting the best betting line on the team that you like for a certain game. This is important for any given week of college football or the NFL for the matter, but when it comes to this week in college football it has never been more important.

SportsBookChampionship week is behind us and several teams have locked in their spot as a championship BCS bowl game and the lines have quickly followed. So why line shop? It’s pretty easy when you think about it. Teams have plenty of rest between now and the big game. For example the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Alabama Crimson Tide play for the National Championship, but that game is still over 40 days away. When the line opened up the Tide was 7.5 point favorites at one sportsbook and over 10 point favorites at other sportsbooks.

This is just an example of how one game can be different than others and how quickly one line can change. The key is to figure out what line has value and what lines don’t. Then when you have that number in mind you have to shop and you have possessed multiple outs to get the most out of your buck.

The lines will change before the games begin and will alternate as kickoff approaches. The big bettor can find the best angles to bet on the big game by waiting for their line and hitting it hard. This also opens up middle wagers and the chance to take advantage of big moves due to injuries, suspensions, and other moves.

When it comes to this week in college football the best thing you can do is shop around.

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