College Football Betting Strategies Week 11: Bowl Run and Bad Coaches

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The college football season is winding down and unlike other professional sports there is no playoff system, well at least not yet. Without a playoff system the college football teams that want to play longer have to hope for a bowl bid.

In order to get into a bowl game a team must become bowl eligible by getting a certain amount of wins. The bowl run goes hand-in hand with the run to win a division or conference to get into a big conference championship game.

That run will take center stage early this week as the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Florida State Seminoles will face off on Thursday night college football. Florida State is in the running for the ACC Championship, but the Hokies will need some help if they want to win the division.

BetOnlineSo how does this apply to betting on college football?

Simple. Keep an eye out for teams that need to win out to become bowl eligible and teams that are out of the race for a bowl game. Last week after the Purdue Boilermakers lost to Penn State they basically became ineligible for a bowl game.

Without that goal Purdue and teams like Purdue have nothing to play for and will often fall short in upcoming games. This becomes a problem for teams with head coaching problems.

Head coaches that are in charge of teams with losing records have usually lost control of the helm. Players get less inspired to give it their all and if you add to that the fact they cannot go to a bowl game, teams virtually give up and they become an automatic fade in the right spots as the season ends.

Keep an eye out for teams that are not bowl eligible and playing on the road to go against as the college football strategy of the week.

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