NBA Pick: Chicago Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs

Chicago Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs

Matchup: Chicago Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs

Date/Time: January 29th, 9:30 p.m. ET

Television: ESPN

Basketball Odds from BetDSI

Point Spread: San Antonio -8.5

Total: 192.5

The Chicago Bulls are beaten up with injuries, but they are trying their best to hang in there against some of the best teams in the biz. They’ve got another one of these awesome squads in NBA betting action on Wednesday night, as they take on the San Antonio Spurs at the AT&T Center.

Take any team in the NBA right now and put that team in your head. Take its franchise player off of the court via injury. Now take its second best player and trade it away for nothing but future assets. Then take the man who replaced the franchise player and put him on the bench via injury as well. Do you think you have a .500 team left? Sure, it’s the Eastern Conference, but Head Coach Tom Thibodeau should be the Coach of the Year for keeping these Bulls above water. G Derrick Rose is out for the season, F Luol Deng was shipped off to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the backup point guard who has turned into the starter, G Kirk Hinrich has been out with a hamstring injury. Hinrich might finally get back into the fold tonight, and that would be a tremendous help for a team whose depth is really being tested. As it is, the Bulls have beaten some of the best in the biz, and even though there have been a lot of bad losses in the mix as well, this is definitely an opportunity to take advantage.

This is a questionable game for the Spurs. They have lost four of their last six games, including getting beaten last night in a 97-90 game on the road against the Houston Rockets. This is the type of situation where F Tim Duncan, G Tony Parker, and G Manu Ginobili should be resting, or at least getting lighter minutes. Head Coach Gregg Popovich has done a great job of resting his big time players so they’re ready for the playoff push, and with last night’s game coming against a division rival and tonight’s game coming against a team from the opposite conference, and one who is no threat to steal home court advantage in a potential NBA Finals against the Spurs at that, it’s clearly a game of little importance. However, do remember that San Antonio is only working with 11 players right now who are healthy. G Danny Green, F Kawhi Leonard, and C Tiago Splitter are nowhere near returning to the lineup, and to make matters worse, Ginobili has a hamstring problem and might not be able to play even if he wanted to.


With the Spurs facing the real possibility of having to play a good chunk of this game, if not the entirety of this game with a very short rotation of just 10 players, one of which is Duncan, who just played over 30 minutes last night, and one of which is Parker, who just played nearly 40 minutes last night, we have a feeling that this is a game which Coach Pop is going to tank. The Bulls don’t understand the meaning of giving up, and they’ll come forward with a huge upset victory on the road on Wednesday night. Chicago 96 – San Antonio 90

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