Giannis’s Bucks, LeBron’s Lakers Top NBA Win Totals Odds for 2019-20 Season


LeBron James combined with Anthony Davis, that’s all it takes to go from the outhouse to the penthouse in the NBA.

At least, that was the message sent loud and clear when FanDuel Sportsbook released its 2019-20 NBA season win totals on Monday. The numbers for all 30 teams are a first glimpse into exactly what toll a thus far wild offseason have taken on market perceptions.

The Los Angeles Lakers, with their two superstars and new head coach Frank Vogel, were given a total of 54.5 wins, good for the second-highest number in the league behind Milwaukee at 55.5. That’s a +17.5 pop from their win total of 37 last season and easily good enough for the highest-projected wins increase in the league.

The Lakers have been the story of the offseason in the betting markets after their mega trade with the New Orleans Pelicans brought Anthony Davis to LA to join James in giving Showtime arguably two of the top-five players in the game.

FanDuel’s lofty number was just the latest example of the heightened expectations on the Lakers, who are currently the favorite to win the championship at around 3-1 in most places.

The second-highest increase in the league belongs to the New York Knicks, who won 17 games last season but were given a total of 29.5 by FanDuel. New York winning 30 games will certainly give over backers reason to celebrate, but likely won’t be enough to make the playoffs.

This offseason was supposed to be a special one for the Knicks, who figured to be big players in the free agent market. When Kevin Durant went down with an Achilles tendon injury that will likely keep him out for all of next season, it was a bad omen for New York. Still, there’s hope the team can pull something off this summer and that looks clearly baked into FanDuel’s line.

The biggest drop when comparing last season’s regular-season standings to FanDuel’s lines belong to the Golden State Warriors. Injuries to Durant and Klay Thompson can’t be overstated and FanDuel calls for the Western Conference champs to go from 57 wins last season to a line of 46.5.

The second-largest drop in the league goes to Portland, which surprised many by winning 53 games last season and reaching the Western Conference finals, but are currently sitting at 44.5.

What did New Orleans get for drafting Zion Williamson No. 1 overall and winning, according to many, their blockbuster trade with the Lakers? Not much, actually. New Orleans won 33 games last season and are posted at 35.5 for next season.

Other big increases when compared to last season’s standings are the Dallas Mavericks, up 8.5 wins to 41.5 after winning 33 games last season, and Phoenix, which is +6.5 wins, comparatively to last season, at a line of 25.5.

The Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets are also a popular choice for improvement. The Bulls, despite not getting out of the draft lottery what they had hoped for, made a small splash by drafting high-upside point guard Coby White out of North Carolina. The Bulls won 22 games last season, but are sitting at a line of 27.5 wins.

The Nets had a 14-win improvement from the 2017-18 season to last season, and oddsmakers are expecting more. Brooklyn, winners of 42 games last season, are at 47.5.

Some more big drops include: Toronto, down 5.5 wins to a line of 52.5, as the champs await word on Kawhi Leonard’s plans. Orlando and Detroit were also lowered by 5.5 wins to lines of 36.5 and 35.5, respectively.

Here are the NBA win total lines as of June 24, 2019 at FanDuel Sportsbook:

Milwaukee Bucks 55.5
Los Angeles Lakers 54.5
Utah Jazz 52.5
Houston Rockets 52.5
Toronto Raptors 52.5
Philadelphia 76ers 52.5
Denver Nuggets 49.5
Los Angeles Clippers 49.5
Boston Celtics 48.5
Brooklyn Nets 47.5
Indiana Pacers 47.5
Golden State Warriors 46.5
Oklahoma City Thunder 45.5
Portland Trailblazers 44.5
San Antonio Spurs 44.5
Dallas Mavericks 41.5
Miami Heat 37.5
Orlando Magic 36.5
Detroit Pistons 35.5
New Orleans Pelicans 35.5
Charlotte Hornets 34.5
Minnesota Timberwolves 34.5
Sacramento Kings 34.5
Atlanta Hawks 32.5
New York Knicks 29.5
Memphis Grizzlies 27.5
Chicago Bulls 27.5
Washington Wizards 27.5
Phoenix Suns 25.5
Cleveland Cavaliers 23.5


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