Bovada Launches New Mobile Poker Website


Most of us live on our mobile devices. Whether it’s an iPad, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle, everything the internet has to offer is right at our fingertips. Apps, mobile versions of websites, and accessible Wi-Fi almost everywhere have changed the way we get our information, pass time in a doctor’s office or at work, and live on a daily basis.

Mobile websites and sports betting apps have made it easier for gamblers to get their action in, but the latest development from and is geared towards the poker player. With two new web addresses for mobile users, Bovada Mobile Poker and Bodog Mobile Poker, card players now have the opportunity to play on the go with the latest advancements in mobile technology.

The mobile technology builds off of Bovada’s wildly popular Zone Poker format, which gives players 15 seconds to make a decision and that speeds up the pace of play so players will see more hands per hour than most sites. Once a player folds, he or she is transported to a new table to immediately see a new hand. This fun and fast-paced format is designed to keep players engaged during their entire poker experience without the downtime of waiting for a hand to play out.

These sites are free to use and do not require any software downloads. Users simply go to the mobile URL, sign in to their account, and click whether they want to play Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, or Omaha Hi-Lo, and the cards will go in the air. If visitors to the site don’t already have an account, they can create one and grab a seat at the first available table. Users can also deposit, withdraw, and reload using the menu on the site and clicking on ‘Cashier’.

The easy-to-use interface has everything that online poker players are used to from playing on traditional computers and laptops. Check, fold, raise, and call with the push of your finger and take down pots from the breakroom at work, the bathroom, or the parking lot while waiting to pick up the kids from school. Spend those breaks between classes check-raising and winning pots to pay down that student loan debt. Pass the time at that boring business symposium by slow-playing pocket aces.

Bovada Mobile Poker and Bodog Mobile Poker are available for anybody with an iPhone 4S or higher and supports most Android devices. Currently, players can only play at one table at a time and sit-and-go and cash tournaments are going to be available in the future. For now, players can sit down at cash games with various blind levels and play for real money or play money.

Mobile poker is just as secure as accessing the Bovada or Bodog sites from any computer or laptop. Remember that data and roaming fees may apply and players should check with their service provider or simply use an available Wi-Fi connection.

Avoid long trips to the casino or waiting hours for a table at the desired blind amounts or buy-in limits. Keep poker right at your fingertips all the time with Bovada Mobile Poker and Bodog Mobile Poker.

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