Bovada Casino 21 could get you $2,100

Blackjack sundays at Bovada

Bovada is one of the most well recognized sportsbooks around the globe, but they also have a very exclusive, fully operational, state of the art casino. This casino includes one of the best Blackjack games found on the internet today. Blackjack has always been one of the most exciting table games on the casino floor, but now Bovada has taken that excitement to an entirely different level, especially on Sundays.

bovada blackjackOn Sunday Bovada offers a special twist to the game of Blackjack, where the player can win extra money every time they hit Blackjack. The rules are extremely simple, play Blackjack on Sunday and get $21 when you hit your first Blackjack of the day and a chance to win the grand prize draw for $2,100. This is all part of their exclusive “See 21 get $21” bonus that is offered at Bovada’s casino.

To qualify for the $21 cash bonus Blackjack players need to hit at least one Blackjack hand with a minimum bet of $5 per hand during the promotional period.  Blackjack is defined as a combination of any ace card plus one face card (ten, jack, queen, king) dealt in the player’s first two cards. Single Deck and Double Deck Blackjack are excluded from the Promotion.

This promotion awards the players for playing cards at Bovada by paying more on the first time the player hits the Blackjack and then adding to the excitement by giving away an entry to the drawing which could deliver another $2100 in cash bonuses! The best part is you don’t have to be a high roller to play as the minimum of $5 on a hand allows anyone a chance at the big cash bonus! The $2100 is a weekly drawing and there is no limit of entries that a player can receive.

The Bovada casino is offering this special promotion for Blackjack, but the casino has much more to offer. They also have over 120 of the world’s most popular online casino games. This includes but is not limited to slots, video poker, table games and specialty games for the avid casino lover. The environment that they offer is second to none and gives the user the feel of a Vegas style casino from the comfort of their own home. They also raise the bar by dishing out a welcome bonus of up to $500 for the new player.

Enjoy the experiences of the Bovada casino and collect the $500 Welcome bonus as you sit down to excitement and fun. On any given Sunday the next Blackjack you see could be worth $2100!

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