Bookmaker Sportsbook Introduces Live Betting


Bookmaker Sportsbook is one of the leaders in the gambling industry, especially for United States customers, and this year, as we get set to start the NFL betting season, the sportsbook is back with yet another fantastic feature! Live betting is here at Bookmaker!

Live betting is a way to make money by placing bets after the game has gone off the board. At commercial breaks, Bookmaker will have live betting available with a point spread and a ‘total’ on select games. As always, live betting works just like normal betting with adjusted spreads.

If the New Orleans Saints take a 7-0 lead on the first drive of the game against the Green Bay Packers, live betting is likely to have the Saints as -3. That means if the Saints win the game by more than three points, you win!

As always, Bookmaker will also spreads, totals, moneylines, props, and alternative lines, including first half and second half betting on all of the great games on the NFL and college football rotation schedule this year. Live betting will only be available on select games. Click Here to check out the Live Betting Application for Bookmaker, and check out the rotation schedule for games that will be available for live betting!

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