There are a lot of choices for bettors in search of an online sportsbook. Just like any other industry full of businesses vying for a piece, these websites have to do things that entice players to invest in them and their products. That means that some sites sweeten the deal more than others in hopes of securing client business.

One such site is MyBookie Sportsbook. Sure, MyBookie has the general types of bonuses, including a 100 percent sign-up bonus up to $1000 and a $20 risk-free bet if you sign up through BangTheBook using the promo code BTB, and rebates on horse wagers, which are terrific options. But, it is the other types of bonuses that can be the deciding factor for those players in search of a sportsbook that wants to see its gamblers succeed.

To go along with referral bonuses, reload bonuses, and the aforementioned excellent offer for BangTheBook readers, MyBookie offers 12 different bonuses across its sportsbook and casino platforms to help players in their quest to make money.

The casino bonuses are quite interesting. On Fridays, players dealt two kings of spades against a blackjack in their first hand get something out of that bad beat, as a $1000 bonus becomes yours if you bet $25 or more on that hand. Also at the blackjack table, if you get dealt three diamond sevens with a bet of $10 or more, you’ll get a $500 bonus.

Every gambler has fears of running really bad. Those cold streaks that you think only happen in movies and on TV shows can occur in real life, as some know all too well. Fortunately, MyBookie wants to help you out of that rut. Players that lose 10 or more straight bets in a row will get a free $25, if each bet was $25 or more. Hey, it’s something to get you back on the right track. Also, if you’re on a positive streak with 10 or more winners, you’ll get a $25 free bet, if each bet was $25 or more. Run that streak to 20 in a row and you’ll get a $50 free play credit.

Bad beats are a fact of life when it comes to gambling. MyBookie is nice enough to ease the pain. Bettors that play a -250 favorite or higher that loses in the first minute of the first round of an MMA fight will qualify for a chance at the Bad Beat Special. A first-round upset in boxing also means a chance at the Bad Beat Special.

Furthermore, on the bad beat side, if an NFL team is whistled for excessive celebration or unsportsmanlike conduct in the last five minutes of the game and then loses late, you’ll get that bet back, if it was a straight wager on the side or money line.

If you become an NFL superhero for a weekend, MyBookie wants to reward you for that. The Superman bonus is activated when a player posts a perfect record against the spread during a regular season NFL week. With this bonus, your winnings will be doubled, so long as you bet at least $20 per game.

These are just some of the great bonuses offered at MyBookie. Some of them may not seem like much, but sportsbooks don’t have to necessary give the customers anything for running bad or support what they’re doing when they’re banging the books on a great run. Be sure to email customer service in order to take advantage of all of these offers when they come up, as bonuses will not automatically be credited to your account. Rollover terms do apply.

If you’re looking for a sportsbook that takes care of its players and a place that has a great sign-up bonus through us, this is the place for you.