The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast May 18


Last Updated: 2017-05-18

mlb betting podcast may 18 2017The world of Major League Baseball handicapping seems to be the toughest nut to crack that we have seen in quite some time. With so many changes going on league-wide and a whole crop of new data to consider, host Adam Burke had a ton of things to talk about on today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box.

We have to find new edges. We have to find those things that are unaccounted for by the oddsmakers and by other sharp bettors. It seems like some of the newer ways of handicapping baseball are already dated. That was a big theme on today’s show, as Adam went off on a few different tangents, but still gave you plenty of great baseball betting information.

First, he went Beyond the Box Score with the Rays/Indians, Astros/Marlins, and Mets/Diamondbacks series to point out some interesting developments and some things to use in the future. The Indians have some particularly intriguing statistics and situations right now, so Adam spent some additional time on them. He also talked about the Fangraphs BsR baserunning metric and how you can use that in your handicapping.

The Down the Lines segment featured a look at the betting market, but also a long-winded soliloquy on trying to find the next big thing in handicapping. Some of the line moves from Tuesday sparked this discussion and it was one that will be very important for listeners. Adam talked about some of the changes in strategy that he will be looking to make as the season goes along and why they are so significant.

Along with line moves from Tuesday and Wednesday, Adam broke down the Thursday card and included his top pick for the action on May 18. He mentioned a couple of quick daily fantasy and sabermetric tips for our listeners as well, before previewing the weekend and four key series that have some betting opportunities and some things to follow for the future.

Join us again on Monday for a new edition of The Bettor’s Box and also the Monday Mailbag segment.

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