The Bettor’s Box MLB Betting Podcast June 15


Last Updated: 2017-06-15

mlb betting podcast june 15Host Adam Burke was chomping at the bit to get back to normal with this Thursday edition of The Bettor’s Box. After traveling for a couple weeks and coming back to do a bit of a different format with Tuesday’s edition, it was back to the same baseball betting insight and analysis that you know and love. This was a strong segment that covered a lot of interesting and helpful wagering angles.

Before we go any further, we’re calling on our listeners for Monday’s edition of the show. As you know, we’ve incorporated the Monday Mailbag segment into The Bettor’s Box. We haven’t had a lot of questions of late and we know that you may be taking a bit of a break with football and basketball finished, but please shoot over anything you want to have answered on the show to @SkatingTripods on Twitter.

This show featured our traditional format, beginning with a look Beyond the Box Score. Four series went under the microscope, with Dodgers vs. Indians, Cubs vs. Mets, Mariners vs. Twins, and Royals vs. Giants all getting some airtime for a variety of reasons. Digging deeper is the name of the game for us and hopefully you’ll find some useful info in here.

The baseball betting market is certainly fascinating and our Down the Lines segment allows us to look at a lot of those line moves. A lot of the same line moves were visible over the last few days, but one team has been taking on some surprising money lately and it’s been happening with regularity. The best part about this segment is that Adam explains the “why” and “how” and not just the “what”, so it was good to get some analysis along with these notable moves.

After giving a top pick for Thursday night, Adam took a look at 17 pitchers getting a lot of run support and 17 pitchers not getting a whole lot of run support. With some of our past edges losing their value, we’re looking for different ones that we can exploit. Perhaps a regression of run support could be one of them? There were some fade names and some buy names in both groups, but this could be a big help to you in the coming weeks.

Finally, Adam previewed three series for the week ahead, with Nationals vs. Mets, Indians vs. Twins, and Red Sox vs. Astros all getting some play. A good betting opportunity could be present on Sunday in one of these series, with a possible look-ahead spot on Monday in another.

Join us on Monday for another edition of The Bettor’s Box and another Monday Mailbag segment.

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