• Sports Betting Systems

    Sports betting systems are very popular among sports bettors but are often misunderstood. The sports betting systems have been around ever since people bet on sports and new and improved systems seem to materialize every year. The smart handicapper should be able to identify what a system is, the difference between a good and bad one, and how to create their own.

    A sport betting system is a system that is used to find a way to win in sports betting. Many handicappers approach betting like a mathematician would a complicated problem. They scour all of the information that is available to them and find a winning formula to predict winners in sports betting at a winning clip. Since this is time consuming many handicappers do not have the time to research a system on their own and will look to other’s to see what magic formula they may have tapped into. It is very important to determine the good systems from the bad ones.

    Research is paramount when using or creating any system. Many systems claim bogus numbers of winning at 98% or 63-1 results but that is not necessarily true. Plenty of those systems are what is called a “chase” system and it is when a player loses a bet they will come back and double up on the next one and keep doing so until they win. Well once they win they have gotten all of their money back so they do not count any of the losses against the record. If the bettor has a big bankroll to utilize this can work, but it is very risky and the numbers are misleading. An example of a good system is one that you can find the reasoning behind and apply. Instead of just taking a system and playing it blindly it is suggested that a handicapper should look into it or even create one by doing honest research and then the handicapper will understand that the system is solid and backed with research.

    Creating a system from scratch is not trouble-free but it can be done. The best way to create a sports betting system is to get past results and find a trend. Use certain parameters and then do a test against past results to see what the results were. Keep in mind in sports today the free agent market has caused quite a turnover and so not all results should be taken as a fool proof system. In fact most systems or only good for a period of time and reflect past results, and only give an indication of results that “may” happen in the future. Regardless of how sound the details are it is important to never play a system blind without doing the research for each and every game that it applies to. In the long run making your own system is more rewarding and will have positive results. The extra effort will bring profit and alert the handicapper to other systems with similar results in the future.

    All Handicapping Systems are unique and can be a useful tool if they are applied correctly. When using a system established by a fellow bettor it is important that an investigation be done on the system and on the game that it is being applied to. If a system is created or found and used properly it will lead to positive results. Remember the most popular sports betting system is the one that wins! Take your time, do your research and the positive outcome will be worth all of the hard work. Systems are just one tool that can be used to conquer the world of sports handicapping!