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    New to Sports Wagering? A Veteran to the world of sports betting? We got you covered. Here at BangTheBook we have articles covering, the basics for eample a particular sports bet works? Then right on down to strategies and systems. As always if you have more questions checkout our sports betting forum and chat with other bettors from around the world.

    Sports Betting Information

    • Betting Terms - a list of Gambling Terms and Sports Betting Definitions that are useful to know when starting to bet on sports.
    • Straight Bet - The straight wager is the most common wager type for sports betting
    • Money Line Bets - The money line is simply the value of one team against another. The money line is betting on a team without using a point spread.
    • Action Bets - Action points is a way to include more points into the sports betting action and every point can make the difference between winning or losing that big bet.
    • Parlays - The parlay allows for the sports betting fan to lay a small amount with the chance to get back a big return. Learn about Open Parlays, Multichance Parlays, Progressive Parlays and Progressive Parlays
    • Teasers - A teaser bet is basically a parlay bet with adjusted lines, Learn about regular teasers, Open Teasers, monster teasers, Progressive Teasers and Multi-Chance Teasers
    • Prop Bets - Betting on a Prop bet is a very unique way of wagering on an event and is different from the normal way of wagering
    • Buying Points - Buying points moves the point spread in your favor by the number of points purchased
    • Futures - Future betting is betting on an event that will transpire in the future
    • Reverse - Future betting is betting on an event that will transpire in the future
    • If Bets - If Bets are a way to combine different wagers and provide some safety if some of the earlier wagers lose
    • Rolling If Bets - Rolling If-Bets are basically a parlay or teaser wager made conditional on the outcome of a previously placed wager that is still pending
    • Round Robin - Round Robin betting is just another way to make parlay betting even more exciting. The Round Robin is a way to combine or “box” parlays for a big return
    • Pleasers - A pleaser bet is a bet that allows the player to move the line in the sports book’s favor, in exchange for better than normal odds, learn about Multi Chance Pleasers and Progressive Pleasers as well.
    • Free Play Bets - Free plays are exactly what it sounds like. It is free money placed in your sports betting account to wager on sporting events
    • Quarter Betting - With Quarter Betting the sports bettor gets to bet on games using each quarter as an end point. Each quarter will dictate the start and the end of a wager and all bets will be graded as soon as the quarter is complete.
    • First Half Betting - Betting on the first half opens up a new avenue to the sports bettor that allows new options and edges.
    • Halftime Betting - The halftime wagering option gives the sports bettor a chance to hedge the bet on the full game. In fact halftime wagering gives the sports bettor an option that no other betting option allows.
    • Asian Handicaps - The main advantage of Asian Handicaps is that the draw result is removed from the equation when betting which comes in handy when wagering on a soccer match
    • Reduced Juice - Juice is the bookmakers commission to take your bet and how sports books make their money
    • How Does Sports Betting Work? - Today’s average sports fan at some time in their life has bet on a sporting event. It may have been college basketball during March Madness, the NFL during the Super bowl or maybe even at a horse track. This bet may have been a friendly wager between friends, at a casino, or even offshore through a sportsbook.
    • College Football Bowl Betting - The BCS is among us and this is the time of year when the serious handicapper has to bear down and figure out the bowl season. There is a break between when the regular season ends and when the bowl season starts so it gives the avid handicapper time to look over all of the games. With the holidays and the numerous bowl games it could become quite a burden to find the right games to play and all of the angles. This article assists the handicapper in covering the games and reminds the bettor what to look for when covering the bowl championship season.
    • Wagering On College Football - For some people the cool fall air and the turning colors of the leaves in the fall symbolize the changing of seasons and the onset of winter, but for other it only means one thing. It’s football season! That means that campuses are alive with energy as everyone has hopes of their team being the best team in the country.
    • NHL Betting Tips - Out of the four major sports in the United States it is the NHL that is the least popular and gets the least amount of attention. This is the same when it comes to sports wagering and
    • MLB Betting & Handicapping Articles - MLB handicapping and betting articles directory, here you will find a wide range of articles geared towards helping bettors improve their betting techniques.
    • NBA Betting & Handicapping Articles - NBA betting articles directory with tips and techniques for NBA Basketball bettors
    • College Basketball Betting & Handicapping Articles - College basketball betting articles directory with tips and techniques for NCAA Basketball bettors
    • NFL Betting & Handicapping Articles - NFL betting articles directory with tips and techniques for NFL Football bettors

    Sports Systems

    Rule #16 -Betting on MLB Road Teams -This edition is going to cover baseball and focus on rule #1 in my rule book: Betting on MLB road teams is deadly.

    Rule #15 -Sports betting systems are very popular among sports bettors but are often misunderstood. The sports betting systems have been around ever since people bet on sports and new and improved systems seem to materialize every year. The smart handicapper should be able to identify what a system is, the difference between a good and bad one, and how to create their own.

    Rule #14 - Ranked vs. Unranked Basketball Favorites  - A popular buck the public betting system where you look at Ranked teams as a underdog to a Unranked team.

    Rule #13 -  Handicapping The Superbowl -   The Superbowl is the premier event of the year and football fans and gamblers always gather to make wager on the big game. Since it is one of the most bet on sporting events in the world it only makes sense that it is handicapped differently than a regular season game. Here are a few rules to follow when handicapping the big game.

    Rule #12 -  NFL Prop Bets - The end of the football season is near and with that comes the fact that there are just not many football games on the weekend. This does two things. Leaves the options to bet very limited and it allows Vegas to get a good look at the number.

    Rule #11 -  Dont Get Caught In the Moment - Last week was the wild card weekend in the NFL. Baltimore, New York, Dallas, and Arizona advanced to the next round. Baltimore and New York pulled off decent upsets and the Cowboys ran all over the Eagles again. They were all great victories but don’t make a mistake and read into it too much.  

    Rule #10 - Handicapping NFL Injuries - When it comes to handicapping sports injuries always play a significant role in the outcome of the game. In order to use them as an effective tool then the sports bettor has to know where to locate them and how to use them efficiently as a handicapping tool. This week the 101 discusses injuries in the NFL and the best way to go about using them to handicap. 

    Rule #9 - Betting NCAA Championship Games -  If you love college football this is a great time of year. The season is winding down and it always goes by so quickly. What should be a sad time is often replaced with joy because the best teams in the country battle in the Championships. Before the bowl games and before the BCS issues there is no debate when a team plays for a championship. It could be the SEC or the ACC or even smaller conferences the championship games always make for some great entertainment and betting opportunities.

    Rule #8 - Handicapping Preseason Football - This is the time of year when every football handicapper or recreational bettor starts to get excited. Football camps are open and the preseason is about to kick off. This is a time to analyze teams, check out the battles for position players, and watch for injuries. This can also be a great time to make a few bucks.

    Rule #7 - Handicapping multiple sports - This is the calm before the storm when it comes to handicapping sports. Right now there is only really one major sport to handicap and that is baseball. Soon that will all change. NFL camps open next week and before you can say kickoff, football will be underway. Then the sports will be plentiful and the handicapper will be able to choose from baseball, football, and college football with basketball looming around the corner.

    Rule #6 - NFL Preseason Football Handicapping Tips – Part 2 we are going to examine preseason MOTIVATION. Again, the primary objective of an NFL team in an exhibition game is not necessarily to win, but to get ready to win during the regular season, so when one team IS motivated to win a practice game, and that desire is not going to be matched by its opponent, they will have a big edge.

    Rule #5 - Scouting the NFL Schedule - Football season is right around the corner as training camps begin to open all over the league. When preparing for the season a veteran handicapper knows that they need to prepare for the season well in advance to make the most of the information that is available

    Rule #4 - Things to investigate when betting NFL futures - With the NFL season right around the corner now is the time to consider betting on win totals or future bets for the upcoming NFL season. A win total wager is simply betting over or under the number of wins a team may have for the upcoming season. Placing future wagers on win totals have many advantages for the football bettor but proper research is needed to make them profitable. Here are a few of the things that should be looked at before placing an NFL future.

    Rule #3 - NFL Preseason Handicapping Tips Part 1 - Successful wagering during the NFL exhibition season calls for very different tactics than during regular season games or playoffs. Unique conditions are in place, requiring a diverse set of handicapping strategies. In Part 1 of PRO INFO SPORTS NFL Preseason Handicapping Tips, we'll cover the strongest single predictive element for these practice games

    Rule #2 - Have a Plan to Research NCAA College Football - College Football is a very unique sport to wager on.  It is wildly popular and there are over a hundred teams to choose from.  On any given Saturday there will be plenty of action on the board.  The key to how well you do in the season will depend on how you prepare.  There are tips to getting ready for the upcoming season.  It is important to have a plan of attack to research the season. 

    Rule #1 - Prepare Early for Football - Football is the most popular sport to wager on.  Every fall excited sports bettors and fans eagerly await the kick off of the season.  It sneaks up on people faster than some would think and before you know it the season is underway.  A common mistake a bettor makes is waiting too long to prepare for the season. 

    Betting Strategies

    Money Management - Betting on sports with out managing your bankroll is a surefire way to bust out fast!

    Tracking Line Movements - Odds move up and down. Its important to know what look for and why its moving.

    How To Bet Golf - The Masters - Quick overview of how to bet on golf, what to look for and more