Betting Against the Public College Football Week 11

Last Updated: 2017-11-10

The college football season just got more interesting. As the college football playoff rankings were released the college football fan has paid close attention to where the teams are ranked and which ones are slated to make the final four and compete for the national championship. This is also important to the college football betting consensus and betting against the public.

This week may have the most intriguing matchups of the year as the top ranked teams are going up against one another in what will amount to a big shake up of the rankings once the week is finished. This also affects the betting patterns of the public. Teams in the playoff ranking will get more attention from the public and that could move the point spread which in return will give the studious college football bettor the edge when betting on college football this weekend and into the future. With only so many weeks left in the college football season this is the time to pay close attention to what the public is doing. These three games stand out above the rest this week when it comes to betting on the public.

Maryland Terrapins (+17) over the Michigan Wolverines (74%)

Although neither of these teams will be in the playoffs at the end of the season, Michigan is a very popular team. This is especially true this week when they take on Maryland. Although the Wolverines are on the road they are getting over 70 percent of the betting action. In fact the action has been so lopsided the line has been pushed over four points and over a key number of 14! This means that the odds makers had no choice but to push the number to help try to even things out from a betting stand point. This makes Michigan a team to avoid this week in college football.

Mississippi State Bulldogs (+13.5) over the Alabama Crimson Tide (79%)

Alabama is always a favorite team of the public and this week is no different. They are on the road and because they are not the No. 1 team in the rankings many assume that the Tide want to get a blowout win and move up the rankings.  While this may be true, it also makes it a Super Bowl game for Mississippi State who has one of the best home field advantages in the country. Alabama covering by just two touchdowns looks might tempting to the bettor that likes to eat chalk and take on the Tide. Alabama is a very good team, but you may want to look somewhere else this week unless you want to be on the same side as the college football betting consensus.

Miami Hurricanes (+3) over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (73%)

No other game may have more attention this week then the game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Since it is such a popular game it will get the attention of the college football bettors and it is also a prime time televised game. This game obviously will have a big impact on the college football playoff rankings. A Miami win could eliminate the Irish from the playoff picture altogether. Although they are on the road, the Irish is still getting plenty of love from the college football betting public as 73 percent of the bets are on the road team in this game. The line opened minus 2.5 and it has now moved up to a solid three putting the pressure on Notre Dame to win and cover in this game. This line looks even more appealing because all Notre Dame has to do is basically win the game to have a chance to cover this number. The Irish may win this game but if you want to bet against the public then it is best to stay away from this game unless you take Miami.

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