The NBA regular season is coming to a close and basketball fans are getting excited to see the second season which is known as the NBA playoffs. This is when the elite teams battle it out to see who the best team is in the NBA.

For the NBA basketball bettor this could be the best time of the year. Not only do they get to watch great and exciting basketball, but they get to bet on it. This is why this is the time of the year when finding a basketball sports betting site that knows how to handle the playoffs is very important.

5Dimes is one of the best sportsbooks to bet on basketball and the NBA playoffs. They have a reputation as being a legendary sports betting site in the business. They have all of the options that you need to bet on the biggest games in the NBA post season and this of course includes future wagering on which team will win the championship.

It comes as no surprise that the Golden State Warriors are the favorite to win the NBA championship. The Warriors have one of the best teams perhaps in the history of the game and they have one of the best players in the game in Stephen Curry who could easily be considered the league’s Most Valuable Player. At 5Dimes you can not only bet on what team will win the championship, but you can bet on many of the other playoff and player props, to include which player will win the MVP award.

At 5Dimes they also have plenty of rewards for all of their players, with the most famous being the reduced juice reward. 5Dimes is known for their Reduced Juice Reward and it is considered the best bonus by many in the business.  Considering the hundreds, even thousands of bets that can be made over the course of a season or a sports betting year, the savings can really add up. This is why this sports betting bonus cannot be ignored.

5Dimes always has set the bar high when it comes to rewards. The industry average for juice requires a player to usually risk $110 for every $100 they would want to win on a wager.  With 5Dimes Reduced Juice a player risks less and has the potential to win more.  5Dimes has the widest variety of Reduced Juice options saving you money every time you bet, regardless of what the sport is. 5Dimes players can bet reduced juice on NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events.

This is perfect for the NBA playoffs. 5Dimes Reduced Juice offerings on football and basketball include 10-cent money lines, 10-cent sides and 10-cent totals (-105 pricing).  When wagering at -105 odds you are wagering $105 to win $100.  This equals a discount of 50% when compared to standard -110 odds. So this is not to be missed!

The NBA playoffs are here and you deserve to bet with the best and get rewarded and that means you need to sign up at 5Dimes today!