The first half of the 2023-24 NFL season is now over, and the action is really going to start to heat up going forward. It has already been a season filled with upsets or surprising results, and that should make the next nine weeks fun to follow. 

There are going to be many different ways to bet on NFL futures over the next few weeks of the year, but you can actually find some good options right now. Trying to predict the proper NFL Playoff seeding is one option that is available, and you can find plenty of value. 

The AFC is Tight

One quick look at the AFC standings through nine weeks will show you just how competitive this conference is. Every team has at least two losses at this point of the year, but there are also a group of teams that are pulling ahead of the  pack. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are the current betting favorites to land the top seed in the AFC, as those odds are listed at +150. Kansas City does have some company as well as the Baltimore Ravens (+300), Jacksonville Jaguars (+400), and Miami Dolphins (+500) are all in the mix.


Jacksonville is a team that has the easiest schedule over the next nine weeks as the AFC South is not a good division. The Miami Dolphins shouldn’t be a consideration of yours as they are going to get passed up in the AFC East. 

It’s really going to come down to the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars, and you shouldn’t have to think hard about this one. Kansas City has been in this position before, and they know how important it is to get the top seed. 

Bet on the Chiefs at +150 as they are going to head into the AFC Playoffs as the top seed. 

NFC Has Big Favorite

The Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC a season ago, and they entered this season as a favorite to get that done yet again. Nothing has changed through nine weeks of the season as the Eagles have lost just one time. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are the betting favorites to have the top seed in the NFC as they have odds set at -125. It should come as no surprise that  Philadelphia is in this position as other teams have struggled to keep pace. 

It is the Detroit Lions at +250 and the San Francisco 49ers at +450 with the next best odds in the NFC, but those teams still have some work left to do. Even though you aren’t going to get a ton of value in betting on the Eagles, that is the way that you have to lean as they will finish the season with the top seed in the NFC. 

Some Wild Card Bets to Make

You don’t only want to look at the top seeds in each conference though as you can also bet on some teams that will end up in a Wild Card position. This is when you want to look for value, as these are going to be teams that reach the postseason, but come up short in the division. 

The Miami Dolphins is the first team to look at, and they have odds for this market set at +275. Miami is currently the favorite to win the AFC East this season, but look for the Buffalo Bills to pass them up at some point. 

You also want to pick a surprising team from the NFC, and the NFC North is where you are going to check out. The Minnesota Vikings are making a big push, and you can currently get them at +175 to land a Wild Card berth in the NFC. 

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