Prop bets for Major League Baseball bets come in all shapes and sizes and also all types of vig.

  • If you want to bet Yes or No props with odds like +350 or -500, you can find those.
  • If you want to find props with odds of -120 or +120, you can find those, too.

There are a lot of ways that you can use prop betting to your advantage to make good wagers.

Betting Runs, Hits, and Errors

Let’s say that you’re looking at a game with a total of 8.5 and juice of -125 on the over.

Maybe the prop “R+H+E”, which stands for Runs plus Hits plus Errors, is something like 24.5 with +105 on the over. If you’re expecting a lot of runs and a lot of scoring opportunities, that could be a better option for you in terms of your bankroll.

Betting Yes or No Props

Maybe you run into a situation where a pitcher who allows a lot of home runs is facing a really hot power hitter.

Most sportsbooks will offer a Yes/No prop on “Will Player X hit a home run?”

  • Yes will be something like +300 or +350
  • No will be more like -450 or -500.

Think about it, it seems like long odds, but Khris Davis led the big leagues in home runs in 2018. He homered in 41 of the 151 games that he played.That means that Davis homered in 27.2 percent of his games last season.

  • The odds on +300 imply a 25 percent chance of hitting a home run.
  • The odds of -450 imply an 81.82 percent chance he doesn’t hit a home run.

It usually doesn’t get that mathematical for most people, but you can always use that as your consideration, or you can just break down the matchup based on the hitter/pitcher match-up: how a hitter does against a given pitcher or how that pitcher has been faring of late.

Other MLB Prop Bets

There are additional props available.

“Will Player X get a hit?”

“Will the game go to extra innings?”

For what it’s worth, there were 216 extra inning games in the Majors last season.

The odds on extra innings happening are rarely going to be a good price to bet on, as that is less than 10 percent of the games over the course of the regular season, but it is still a betting option.

Another popular betting option in the prop market is to bet over/under strikeouts for a pitcher.

Good edges can be found in that department. Usually the line will be related to a pitcher’s average per start, but a team that strikes out more should help that average and a team that strikes out less should hurt that average.

Final thoughts on MLB Prop Bets

You always want to be looking for any and all opportunities to make money and there are so many more options than just betting the money line, run line, and total.

Prop betting can be very profitable for you if you can find the right odds and the right bet.