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There are sportsbooks out there that don’t give you the best deal on your parlay odds. However, here at Bang the Book, we are looking at the top sportsbook that give you as close to true parlay odds as possible, and in some cases, they can offer you even better numbers that what you would get by placing the bets individually!

Finding a sportsbook with reduced juice is crucial. Obviously, when you place a bet at -105 instead of -110, you are risking $105 instead of $110 to win your $100. However, when you put that together in parlays, the price that you are maximizing is even stronger. If you place two parlayed bets at -110 at most sportsbooks, if you are getting true parlay odds, you’ll end up betting $100 to win $364.46. If you can get those same two games at -105 odds instead of -110 odds, you’ll end up doing even better! You’d be betting that same $100 to win $381.14. That’s an increase of $16.68, or 4.6%!

If you’re looking for reduced juice, be sure to check out 5Dimes Sportsbook. On game days, there are always reduced juice options open to you. You aren’t able to parlay them, but you can form your own parlay at reduced juice if you just do the following… Take the first team that you want to parlay and bet on them at reduced juice. Then, take your original bet and the winnings that you earned from your first bet and bet the second game. It’s remarkably easy and ensures that you can get the best parlay odds for your buck.

JustBet Sportsbook isn’t only the home of some great sportsbook bonuses, but parlay odds as well. Imagine if you make a $250 deposit, and then get a $250 bonus, and cash in on a two team parlay: You’d have a whopping $2,322.30 from just that simple $250 deposit!

The king of all sportsbooks for props is at BoDog Sportsbook. BoDog doesn’t let you parlay all of your prop bets together for all sports, but for many they do. Sure, you might have to play on 15 cent lines instead of 10 cent lines, but parlaying props is something that you don’t often see offshore. There isn’t a sportsbook in the industry that does it better than BoDog from that standpoint.

Finally, at Bookmaker Sportsbook, you’ll always get legitimate, true parlay odds. None of this garbage that a three team parlay would pay 5 to 1 or anything like that. Your three teamer would be a $100 bet to win $695, and your four teamer would be a $100 bet to win a whopping $1,328!

When you’re searching for the best sportsbook parlay odds on the internet, be sure to use our Sportsbook Reviews to show you the right sportsbook to use for your internet sports gambling.

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