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Packer_Girl is back with another great set of NFL betting props for the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. Join us for the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears prop picks for this NFC North duel at Lambeau Field.

Total Punts Under 10.5 (-130): We really expect to see these two teams run up and down the field on Thursday night, and that would mean that there are going to be a lot fewer punts and a lot more touchdowns and field goals. The truth of the matter is that Chicago is probably going to be running a lot of short passes and runs to try to keep this game as short as possible, and QB Aaron Rodgers should have a lot better day at the office in terms of his accuracy on Thursday than he did five days ago against the San Francisco 49ers as well. That probably means a lot fewer punts now than there were before. Don’t figure that this one gets beyond seven or eight boots, and that might even be a few more than what actually ends up happening.

Matt Forte Over 3.5 Receptions (-145): This just really isn’t all that great of a prop point spread, knowing just how many looks QB Jay Cutler gives Forte out of the backfield. This is a man that is going to have 80+ receptions once again this year, and he might be able to get up near 100 as well. Cutler uses his back out of Tulane quite a bit in the check down positions, and for as undisciplined as the Green Bay defense can be when it gets a bit reckless on the pass rush, this is the perfect option to have to not just get the ball to, but to get some big time gains in the process.

Brandon Marshall Under 6.5 Receptions (-105): On the other hand, we have Marshall, who probably is also going to have around 80-90 receptions on the season, and he is facing an over/under in receptions that requires him to have seven to beat us. That’s over 100 receptions for the year if he did exactly 6.5 per game on average. Marshall and Cutler clearly still have their bond, but this is going to be a lot different challenge for both of them going against the Packers than they did against the Bills. To see Marshall come up with four or five catches definitely wouldn’t be out of the question. We just think that more often than not, Marshall isn’t going to be getting to at least seven. This was an overreaction to what we saw last week for sure.

Jordy Nelson Over 70.5 Receiving Yards (-125): If WR Greg Jennings really doesn’t play this week, Nelson is the man that is going to receive more attention for QB Aaron Rodgers. These two have had a great bond over the years, and they quite often hook up for bombs up the field that can cover 70 yards on one play by itself. Nelson has been as consistent of a receiver as Rodgers has ever had to work with, and that includes Jennings, and this is a game in which he is going to shine as a star for the Packers. We think that Nelson gets to 120 yards and two scores tonight if Jennings isn’t out there, thus we love all of his ‘over’ prop bets.

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