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NCAA Football: BCS Championship-Media Day

There’s just one game left in the college football betting campaign, and the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to do battle in what should be a remarkable game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL. Join us for our last look at some college football props for the year, as there are some incredibly juicy prop bets that are available at Sportsbook.ag right now!

Notre Dame To Call First Timeout (-125): Think about this. You’re QB Everett Golson. You’re a sophomore. You’ve never played against an SEC school in your career, and your first taste of the SEC comes against the Alabama defense. Future NFLers that swarming all over the place trying to decapitate you, and you have the National Championship for your school hanging in the balance. Are you thinking clearly when you make your first audible call? Alabama has been here and done that, and nothing that gets thrown its way is going to spook QB AJ McCarron. Golson, though? He’ll almost certainly have to blow at least one timeout at some point in this game, and it is at least more than 60% likely that Notre Dame will blow the first timeout as a result.

SportsBookAJ McCarron Under 216.5 Passing Yards (-115): Why should McCarron have to throw the ball all that much in this game? Perhaps we’ll be wrong, and perhaps he’ll haveto put the ball in the air a lot more than the 20 times or so that we think he is ultimately going to throw it in this one. Still, McCarron only had three games all season long in which he threw for more than 216 yards, and this game is coming against one of the toughest defenses in the nation. We just don’t see him getting all that much in the way of yardage in this game.

AJ McCarron To Not Throw an Interception (-110): Ha! A man that was picked off a grand total of just three times all season long, two of which came in the same game is going to get intercepted at least 50% of the time in this game? We wonder what oddsmaker lined this one and where his last paycheck is going to get forwarded to when he gets fired.

AJ McCarron To Throw a Touchdown Before an Interception (-200): Not only did McCarron only get intercepted just three times this year, but he threw 26 TD passes as well. The junior knows what he is doing at this level, and he isn’t afraid to throw the ball up to any of his receivers. We know that there’s at least a chance that McCarron doesn’t throw a TD, but if he doesn’t throw an interception, we’ll be refunded our money.

Eddie Lacy Yards on First Rushing Attempt Over 3.5 Yards (-115): If this were the NFL, Lacy’s number would be around 3.5 -160 or so, not 3.5 -115. The Notre Dame rush defense is great, and it isn’t often that a back averages more than 3.5 yards per carry against this unit. However, Lacy is a special running back, and he has a tremendous offensive line in front of him. Of course, anything can happen on any given play, but we have to think that significantly more than half of Lacy’s carries in this game will go for more than four yards, knowing that he averaged 6.5 yards per carry this year.

Kevin Norwood To Not Score a Touchdown (-280): There aren’t a lot of players that are going to score touchdowns in this game, and it doesn’t make sense that Norwood is going to be one of them. He had just four touchdown receptions all year long, and they were spread over just two games. Don’t get caught up in the fact that Norwood reached the end zone twice in the SEC Championship Game. It’s just not all that likely that he is going to do so against this stout Notre Dame defense on Monday.

Jeremy Shelley To Not Miss a Field Goal (-220): Shelley is the short range field goal kicker for the Crimson Tide, and he hasn’t tried a kick from outside of 38 yards all year long. That being said, he is also the only kicker in the country that hasn’t missed a single kick this year either. Stop thinking about last year’s Alabama/LSU game when seemingly everyone dressed in Crimson couldn’t hit the backside of a barn on a field goal try. Shelley is a much better kicker right now, and he won’t botch up a short kick in this game.

Everett Golson’s First Pass To Be Incomplete (+120): Again, it’s a percentage play. Anything can happen on the first play of a game, but Golson only just barely completed 50% of his passes. Of late, he has been a lot more accurate with the football, which does scare us a bit, but in the end, Golson only completed 43.8% against Michigan State, 37.5% against Michigan, 50.0% against Stanford, 54.8% against Pittsburgh, and 57.7% against USC, and that’s all good enough for us to believe that the first pass of the game against the best defense in America will fall to the ground.

Everett Golson Under 17 Pass Completions (-115): Golson only averaged completing 15.1 passes per game this year. It’s not all that likely that Alabama is going to treat him any nicer. Remember too, that QB Tommy Rees is waiting in the wings, and Head Coach Brian Kelly has already shown that he isn’t afraid to let Rees come in the game, even in the most pressure-packed situation. There’s a chance that Golson could find himself on the bench quickly in this game, but even if he isn’t benched, this is still a team that is going to try to run it on the ground, not get it moving through the air against a great Alabama secondary.

Theo Riddick Under 62.5 Rushing Yards (-115): Alabama is only allowing 79.8 rushing yards per game this year, and it has played against some darn good backs over the course of the season. Riddick isn’t always the running back of choice for the Fighting Irish, but that hasn’t stopped people from betting on this prop. Rushing for 146 yards on the USC Trojans was fool’s gold. Riddick will probably finish with a lot closer to the 20 yards that he had against Wake Forest or the 30 yards he had against Michigan State than the 63 he needs to beat us on this prop.

Manti Te’o To Not Intercept a Pass (-320): Sure, Te’o had the most picks in the nation this year for linebackers with seven, and he was a deserving Heisman Trophy finalist this year. That being said, he doesn’t deserve to be mentioned as a man that will pick off a pass at some point against McCarron. It’s tough enough to think that McCarron will throw a single pick in this game, let alone for that pick to fall in the hands of one of the top linebackers in America.

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