Basketball Odds: San Antonio Spurs @ Oklahoma City Thunder Pick

San Antonio Spurs

Two of the top dogs in the Western Conference collide in an NBA betting showdown on ESPN on Friday night, as the Oklahoma City Thunder face the San Antonio Spurs.

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It has been an odd few weeks for the Spurs. They went on their annual Rodeo Road Trip with one of the worst road records in the game, yet they were able to prevail and take a slew of games in a row to come back with one of the most successful Rodeo Roadies in the history of the team. Then, the squad came home with one of the best home records in the NBA and started to lay eggs left and right. San Antonio is going to be short on Friday in all likelihood, as the newly acquired Stephen Jackson, who had already been traded once before the trade deadline, has to get on another airplane and catch up with yet another new team. That’s going to put a load of pressure on the likes of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, both of which are coming off of a big, big games against the Orlando Magic. The 122-111 win two nights ago helped prove that this offense is back and running again, and the fact that the team has scored at least 108 points in four straight games is proof of just that fact.

Bet on MLB at BetOnlineThe Thunder dodged one bullet when they got Kevin Durant back into the lineup after suffering a minor head injury a few nights ago, and now, they are going to have to dodge an injury for Russell Westbrook as well. Westbrook was expiring dizziness in the team’s game against the Denver Nuggets. He did score 23 points, but that dizziness has to be concerning. The team won that game by 13 points, marking the third straight game with at least 103 on the board, but save for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, there is a heck of a lot of inconsistency right now amongst the rest of the men on this team. It was a good thing that OKC decided to stand pat at the trade deadline though, as this clearly is the team that is going to be favored in the Western Conference to get to the NBA Finals this year, and if the road to the Finals comes through this building, this is going to be a heck of a team to try to bounce.

The Final Word: The Spurs have the talent to get the job done, though. They are certainly a good enough team, and we think that this line is a tad fishy looking. The Thunder probably should be favored by more than this. That being said, if it looks like a fish and it smells like it fish, it is probably a bit fishy.

San Antonio Spurs @ Oklahoma City Thunder Pick: San Antonio Spurs +3.5

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