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    Overnight MLB lines and where to get them?

    The Major league Baseball is about to start and one of the most important things a baseball bettor can do to prepare for the season is to make sure they are playing at a sportsbook that is good for baseball.  In order to know if you’re playing at a sportsbook that is good for betting baseball you should check out a few things.

    The first thing that you should look at is the dime line because dime lines are essential when betting baseball, but I digress.  Another area of concern is the betting line and when it is released. Over night mlb odds are exactly what they sound like they are lines that come out on games the night before the games play. Getting a sportsbook that post over night lines is very important for many reasons.

    One of the reason is if you play at a book with overnight lines you will get first crack at the lines when they come out. This helps because when a line is first posted it has not had a chance to move one way or another based on based on professional gamblers, sharp bettors or syndicates pushing the line in one direction or another. Once this happens the value could diminish for the game and in the end cost you more juice or cost you pennies on that underdog play. Betting on overnight lines can be a risky proposition as well.

    Betting on an over night line will give you 24 hours to go through the possibility of losing a player to injury, a starting pitcher being changed, or a power hitter getting the day off. The baseball handicapper has to make a choice between getting the value out of the line or waiting to make sure the team is in tact by game time.

    The key is to finding the right places that offer over night lines for major league baseball and have a sound reputation and great value on any given day during the season. It is highly recommended that you have more than one sportsbook when you are betting during the baseball season. Here are some of the sportsbooks that offer overnight lines in baseball.

    Here Are The Best Overnight MLB Lines Sportsbooks -

    • 5Dimes Sportsbook - 10 cent lines up to -176. Also offers overnight nickel lines! Smaller wagering limits than BetDSI and one time deposit bonus of 50% on deposits of $100 to $400 Click Here Now

    • BetDSI- Offers a progressive dime line from -105 to -139. It moves to a 15 cent line from -145 to -169 and to a 20 cent line from -175 to -189. It becomes a 30 cent line at -200 to to -225 and a 40 cent line from -240 to -285. Overnight lines available. All BTB Visitors enjoy a 25% signup and re-up bonuses up to $2500, free contests and more with promo code DSI25 - Click Here Now

    • Bookmaker.com - They dont have the best MLB odds however they are the best in the business. If you don't mind your underdogs not paying as much as you can get elsewhere then Bookmaker is great. One thing can be said for sure, you will never worry about a payout from this sportsbook. Signup now and get a win bonus of 20%! Click Here Now

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