• Major League Baseball Handicapping: MLB Consensus

    During the internet boom several tools were created online to help gamblers become more adapt at betting on sports to make a profit. None were more popular than the public consensus report which gained notoriety the minute it was introduced and it took off like a rocket becoming more and more important every year. In short it became the must have tool for handicapping sports to pick winners. However it is a much different tool depending on what sport you use it for. It is especially different for baseball.

    In football, where a point spread is in play, the consensus is a simple tool to use. Just find out the biggest percentage that is on one team and go against that consensus by betting on the opposite team. However in baseball the money line is the popular method for betting on the sport and this puts a curveball into the consensus method of betting.

    Here are a few examples of why it is different and ways to use it to make a profit during the season.

    Bet at 5dimes In baseball betting good teams will always attract more action. So the New York Yankees and other good teams of the world will always get the higher amount of bets. This means it is harder to determine when to bet against a team like the Yankees if they always get the consensus. So instead these tips may help.

    Avoid betting on very good or very bad teams. When betting on baseball many sports handicappers would say they avoid any lines that are higher than (-150/+150) and the same thing can be said for consensus. Avoid the teams that have very good records and very bad records as the consensus loses its value as it is assumed these teams will always get betting action. Stick with home teams that are not getting the public attention and pitchers with winning records that are being bet against.

    When the public consensus is favoring a small underdog (around +120 on the money line) take the favorite. The favorite is not getting any looks from the public yet the odds makers were smart enough to make them the favorite. This is often referred to as “if it looks too good to be true it usually is”. These are just a few tips but when used properly the results can be very profitable!

    While the consensus is an important aspect to cover when preparing to bet on a baseball game, it is not the only one. Bangthebook.com has assembled a handicapping page featuring some of the most unique tools in the baseball betting world. All of these betting tools are located in one place for quick use and a sure fire way to make money betting on baseball.