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Last Updated: 2017-03-20

bangthebook radio march 20We got back up on the horse to kick off another week of BangTheBook Radio. It’s Sweet 16/Elite Eight week, so that will be a talking point throughout the week, but we will try to get back into looking at the other sports as well because there is a lot going on in the daily leagues and baseball is starting for most of the league in two weeks. On the Monday March 20 edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke once again answered your listener questions in the Monday Mailbag and we broke down all the Sweet 16 games with Kyle Hunter of


Host Adam Burke did a lot of talking at the top of today’s show. To start things up, Adam told listeners about what this week’s radio show schedule will look like. We’re going back to five days this week, so we’ll be able to spread our content out a little bit more and adjust to some line moves and things like that.

Moving into the Monday Mailbag, we had a lot of questions covering a lot of different areas. Hedging has been a big topic of conversation on the show and we had a listener question about what hedging actually is. Adam took some time to break that down and also addressed some listener concerns about finding the right sportsbooks and deposit methods for those outlets.

Other questions were about officiating in the NCAA Tournament and whether or not the increase in home runs in MLB can be tied to steroids. There was a little bit of something for everyone in today’s Mailbag. We’re making this a weekly thing, so please reach out with questions to the two Twitter handles linked below.


Kyle Hunter of joined us for today’s show to talk about all of the Sweet 16 matchups and also to give a few thoughts on the other postseason tournaments. After some general thoughts and statements about the tournament, the guys dug in to all of the games and forecasted some of the line moves for these matchups.

They went region-by-region, breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of each team, the coaching mismatches, and travel situations, and all of these other betting angles that are present at this time of the year. If you listen closely, you can read between the lines on what looks like a play for the guys. Who will fare better between Wisconsin and Florida? Will Kansas shake off some of its past NCAA Tournament disappointments to beat Purdue? Is there a bad mismatch in the South Region to exploit? You’ll find answers to those questions on today’s show.

The CBI, CIT, and NIT lead to some interesting trends and betting action. Kyle had a very notable trend for the second round of these tournaments and the guys also talked a little bit about some of the NIT rule changes and about what has happened in the totals market.


With the last minute of the show, as a follow-up to a listener question, Adam mentioned an NHL play that he likes for tonight’s card. Hopefully those that made it to the end of the broadcast will collect a late winner.

Join us on Tuesday for our “Tuesday Meeting” show. We’ll chat with Bryan Leonard of and also Sports Cheetah from the same site to get the opinions of two professional handicappers and bettors for the rest of the NCAA Tournament and also maybe get some initial baseball handicapping thoughts from the guys.

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