BangTheBook Sports Betting Podcast October 10, 2017


Last Updated: 2017-10-10

bangthebook radio october 10Sometimes a change of pace can be a good thing. Sometimes the norm can be even better. We got some great analysis last week from Collin Wilson as he pinch hit for Sports Cheetah, but we brought Preston Johnson back to the program this week for our Hunting for Winners segment and it was a terrific show. Cheetah and host Adam Burke covered a wide variety of games and betting topics on this week’s Tuesday show and it is a must-listen for anybody that wants to make money this week and beyond when betting college football.

Per usual, we just went ahead and filled up a full show with Sports Cheetah. After an introduction that talked about some of the great content and features at, we got right into the Week 7 college football discussion. A couple of listener questions from last week worked their way back into the rotation, as we got a math-based explanation on the topic of buying points and also talked about how to approach buying back or middling on a line.

Handicapping games is one thing, but betting them is another. That’s why the buying points and middling discussions carry so much weight. That’s why we love our show. We don’t just look at games or tell you what to bet. We tell you how to bet. That’s what sets our show above every other show in the industry.

Power ratings should get be getting more efficient for those using them and grading against the closing number. We continue to have value out there on opening numbers and some good opportunities to get solid numbers. Adam and Cheetah talked about that updating process with a few teams.

A whole slew of games were discussed on the show, ranging from Washington State vs. Cal to Washington vs. Arizona State to Florida State vs. Duke and a bunch of games in between. It was a show that highlighted all of the things that you need to keep in mind when handicapping, as there are situational spots, revenge spots, technical handicaps, matchup advantages, and so much more to consider before hitting the submit button on a bet or taking the rotation number to the window.

As always, the best thing to do is just to listen and learn. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about how our shows have helped our listeners and it is because of shows like this one with Sports Cheetah that we continue to do our part to make a more informed betting populace.

Join us on Wednesday as we welcome Bryan Leonard and Wes Reynolds to the show for our usual Hump Day segments.

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