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Last Updated: 2017-08-10

bangthebook radio august 10 2017We’re stopping one show short this week on BangTheBook Radio, but now that we’re back to the daily show format, it’s been great to bring some of our regular guests back on the airwaves to chat football season prep with them. Our focus this week has primarily been college football because preparing for 130 is a lot more difficult than preparing for 32. On the Thursday August 10 edition of BangTheBook Radio, professional handicapper Brad Powers of joined host Adam Burke to discuss power ratings, how to evaluate some challenging teams for the 2017 season, and also about his NFL betting philosophies and approaches.


Host Adam Burke opened up the show by letting listeners know all the places to get BangTheBook Radio content and also by putting out our call for writers once again. The best way to reach out is on Twitter to one of the two handles listed below at the bottom of this page.


We only had one Thursday guest this week, but the great Brad Powers of is a pretty darn good one to have. Normally we’ll also be joined by Rolf Michaels from, but he was unable to chat with us this week, so Brad filled in for the full hour plus and did an outstanding job.

A recent listener question about incorporating analytics into power ratings led to a discussion of the fact that Brad has more than one set of power ratings that he uses. He talked about the way that he sets up his numbers and how he weighs the importance of each set. Coming up with power ratings to produce a spread and also to project line movement is very important and Brad is one of the best, given his background in his previous line of work.

There were six specific teams talked about on today’s show for a variety of reasons. We’ve been doing this throughout the week to highlight teams that may be tough to rate because of graduation or NFL losses, the expectation of success, or some newfound success and its sustainability. Today, we talked about Clemson, Texas A&M, Michigan State, UCLA, Colorado, and Boise State. The level of analysis on the deep dive with these six teams was top-notch and should be a big help to you going forward.

We wrapped up today’s show with a discussion about the NFL and how it differs so much from college football. Handicapping the NFL is different and requires a different set of skills and analysis. Brad does power ratings, but he talked about how he uses them and also discussed what he’s looking for on a game-by-game basis in order to fire on professional football.

The NFL Preseason also presents some different opportunities and Adam and Brad were on the same page in terms of how they break down the NFL exhibition season and what the most important considerations are.

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With no show on Friday, we’ll chat again on Monday with Joe Everett from NFL Draft Bible and also Kyle Hunter of

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