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NFL Week 9 Prop Betting Picks

This week we’ve got a nice variety of team totals, player props, first half lines and team props to which I’ll be betting roughly 25-50% of my usual bet size on.

9 months ago

NFL Week 8 Prop Betting Picks

We’re going to turn some profit this week with 7 total plays focusing on bets that are either usually creative and fun player props, team props, team totals, whether Vontaze Burfict murders someone or another type of derivative bet.

9 months ago

NFL Week 7 Prop Betting Picks

You’re here to make some money so these are my plays for Sunday and remember that I bet these props anywhere from 25-50% of my usual unit size.

9 months ago

NFL Week 6 Prop Betting Picks

As a reminder, this column focuses on NFL prop and derivative betting. Some call it the lighter side of betting but I feel there’s a lot of opportunity that can be had.

9 months ago

NFL Week 5 Prop Betting Picks

Math is important in gambling. It’s not the sole trigger determining your success but understanding the math behind sports betting can give yourself an advantage.

10 months ago

NFL Week 4 Prop Betting Picks

Before you recklessly hit ‘confirm bet’, take a second to make sure you’re treating this as an investment, not a hunch, so do your research, find an edge where you think you have an advantage and make sure you’ve found the best possible odds.

10 months ago

NFL Week 3 Prop Betting Picks

There are a few things that stood out to me after week two and I’ll touch on them further with some of my bets.

10 months ago

NFL Week 2 Prop Betting Picks

Week 2 is known as the week of the OVERREACTION and I’m seeing an abnormal amount of games I want to bet. Let’s get into it with some prop and derivative betting.

10 months ago

NFL Week 1 Prop Betting Picks

I’ve got 4 official plays below plus a few extra degenerate plays at plus money for you action junkies. Remember, this is just week 1 so bet smart and manage your bankroll responsibly.

11 months ago

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