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NFL Prop Betting Picks Divisional Round

It’s the best NFL weekend of the year and I’m pumped to see some high powered offenses go at it after a pretty low scoring Wild Card Weekend.

9 months ago

NFL Prop Betting Picks Wild Card Weekend

There may not be ‘value’ per se in any of the lines or totals but this is still a game of matchups and I’ve scoured the internet looking for a few and I’ve found 9 bets I’m laying over the four games.

10 months ago

NFL Prop Betting Picks Week 17

We’ve been on fire of late, going 6-1 last week just missing out on a clean sweep as Dalvin Cook took the last few drives off and finished a few yards short – ouch. This means we’re 20W-10L since Week 13.

10 months ago

NFL Week 16 Prop Betting Picks

It’s Week 16 and it’s officially Holiday season so it’s time to flake out at work, ditch your spouse, bail on your relatives and hang out with your buddies getting drunk, watching Football and gambling!

10 months ago

NFL Week 15 Prop Betting Picks

Most of the NFL prop betting plays this week are plus money bets or near even money so let’s get paid y’all!

10 months ago

NFL Week 14 Prop Betting Picks

I’m coming in hard this week with 11 plays listed below, including prop betting picks for Patriots vs. Dolphins, Saints vs. Buccaneers, and Vikings vs. Seahawks.

10 months ago

NFL Week 13 Prop Betting Picks

We’re in the home stretch baby! That’s right, just five games left. Not every week has shown great quality of play but I’m feeling pretty excited for the upcoming drama.

11 months ago

NFL Week 12 Prop Betting Picks

Let’s get to business this week with 7 plays over 4 games and these are a mix of props and derivative bets that I often hit at about 25-50% of my normal bet size.

11 months ago

NFL Week 11 Prop Betting Picks

For week 11 we have a mixture of player props, totals and touchdowns spread across four games so please enjoy and good luck to you all this weekend.

11 months ago

NFL Week 10 Prop Betting Picks

Last week was kind to us as we finished 5-2 with our official picks with two out of three betting nugget suggestions also cashed. Let’s keep it going this week.

11 months ago

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