Arena Football League Week 18 Power Ratings & Free Picks

A bit of a strange week in the Arena Football League, as just six teams are in action in the final three regular season games of the season. All eight teams in the league will advance to the playoffs, so you have to wonder about the mindset of several teams that already have their spot in the playoffs locked up, such as Los Angeles, who will have a home game next week regardless of the outcome in

Arena Football League Week 17 Power Ratings & Free Picks

Just three games in the Arena Football League this week, as Philadelphia and Orlando get a bye, leaving a fairly ugly slate of games, which sees Portland visit Tampa Bay in a battle of the two worst teams in the league. Portland has played better as of late, giving Orlando all it could handle two weeks ago and coming away with a victory over Jacksonville last week.Power Ratings

Arena Football League Week 16 Power Ratings & Free Picks

We came back down to earth a little bit last week, going 4-4 against the closing lines with our projections, sweeping two games and taking the collar on the other two in sides and totals. Betting against the early lines would have yielded a 3-4-1 record.The big news during the week was the unveiling of the Washington Valor, who will be based in Washington, D.C., and will join t

Arena Football League Week 15 Power Ratings & Free Picks

While I frequently complain about the unpredictability of the Arena Football League, it’s actually the sport I’m doing the best in with mathematical projections. While some of our predictions are within a point or two of the pointspread or total, we’ve actually fared pretty well against the closing line and are either 16-7-1 or 16-6-2 depending on your number in the Philadelphia at Portland

Arena Football League Week 13 Power Ratings & Free Picks

It was back to the drawing board after a lackluster showing in my first week of tackling the Arena Football League, as my recommended play lost after seeing five touchdowns scored in the final 1:08 of the first half. You’re not going to win many unders when that happens. Since the game went over by two touchdowns, it’s one of those where we may have deserved better, but a loss is still a loss.

Arena Football League Week 12 Power Ratings & Free Picks

Once you start to delve into the Arena Football League from a statistical standpoint, it doesn’t take long to realize that it has very little in common with traditional football. This is evident from everything to scoring averages to attendance, which is still a bit less than 10,000 per game on a league-wide basis.Needless to say, not many people look at the AFL for betting p