We are heading into Week 8 of the NFL season, and the unthinkable has happened up to this point. All 32 teams have made the decision to keep their head coach through seven weeks, and that’s not something that usually happens.

While the 32 head coaches have been safe up to this point, that’s going to be changing in the very near future. As teams start to fall out of the playoff race even more, that is where you are going to see some teams moving on.

Here is a look at some of the betting odds for this market and a prediction on which coach will get the ax soon.

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Some Clear Favorites

The first head coach fired usually doesn’t come from the worst team in the league but rather from a team that is underachieving a bit. There have been a handful of teams that have underperformed through seven weeks, but none more than the Washington Commanders or Los Angeles Chargers.

Those are two franchises with high expectations, and they also are led by two coaches that entered the year on the hot seat. Ron Rivera of the Washington Commanders is the betting favorite to be the first head coach fired, as his odds are set at +200.

Brandon Staley was looking to guide the Chargers on a deep playoff run this season, but he now has odds set at +250 to be the first head coach fired. Staley and the Chargers host the Chicago Bears this weekend, and a loss might do him in for good.

Josh McDaniels of the Las Vegas Raiders and Matt Eberflus of the Chicago Bears are next on the list, and they have to be considered when betting on this market as well. McDaniels has odds set at +400, while Eberflus isn’t far behind at +600 at BetDSI.

If you are looking for a head coach to be fired this season, then it’s likely going to be one of these four head coaches.

Outside the Box Picks

Even though there are four clear betting favorites when it comes to the first head coach being fired, you should also explore other options as well. NFL teams tend to fire coaches at random all of the time, and there are other coaches who aren’t necessarily safe.

Mike Vrabel of the Tennessee Titans has to be considered if you are making this bet, as he has odds set at +1400. It doesn’t look like the Titans are going to be a playoff team this year, and Tennessee could be looking to move on.

Brian Daboll of the New York Giants is another coach to watch as he has odds set at +3300 for this market. This is where you are going to get a ton of value, and the Giants are on their way to a miserable season.

There will likely be five to six head coaches fired at some point this year, but many of the other names on this list are at least going to survive until the offseason.

And the Loser Is…

You are always trying to pick the winner when making a future bet, but you can’t call the first head coach fired during the season a winner. None of these head coaches want to be fired at all, but they really don’t want to be the first one that is canned.

It does look like Ron Rivera of the Washington Commanders is in the worst shape right now, but you should be looking out west with this bet. Brandon Staley has the most talent out of all of the head coaches mentioned, but he hasn’t been able to do anything with it.

Bet on Brandon Staley at +250 at BetDSI to be the first head coach to lose his head coaching job.