America East Conference Updated Power Ratings

Last Updated: 2018-01-03

As the college basketball season is about to hit conference play fast and furious, it’s time to take a quick look at each conference, power ratings and any team or conference related trends that have taken place so far.

We’ll start at the beginning of the alphabet and go through several each day, so we’ll jump to the American East Conference, where Vermont is at the top of the ratings, as expected, but it’s quite a bit closer than the pre-season ratings had the teams.

American East Conference Power Ratings

Vermont 81
Albany 81
Stony Brook 74
Binghamton 71
New Hampshire 71
Umass Lowell 69
Hartford 67
Maine 63

Albany was second in the preseason ratings with a 77, while Vermont had an 83, making Albany on of several teams to show some improvement over where they predicted. The other two big gainers were Binghamton and Hartford. But a 12-3 start to the season for Albany, including a 2-point loss at Louisville several weeks ago, along with an 8-5 start to the season for Vermont has the teams rated the same.

Stony Brook is just 5-8 on the season, but have played a fairly tough schedule, second only to Vermont, so don’t get penalized too much for their record. Neither does New Hampshire, who despite going just 4-10 against a relatively weak slate are still rated equal with 9-6 Binghamton and 9-6 UMBC.

Umass-Lowell started off the season pretty good, but has dropped six of their last seven games, including losses to Wager and New Jersey Tech, so don’t be surprised to see Hartford overtake them in the near future.

The two teams bringing up the bottom of the rankings, Hartford and Maine, were expected to be there and haven’t disappointed, although Hartford has played a bit better than expected and has beaten Miami-Ohio and Rutgers. Not powerhouse teams by any stretch of the imagination, but better than many of the other teams in the conference. Maine is 3-12 and has a pair of unimpressive wins over Maine-Machias and Maine-Presque, along with a 78-72 over Quinnipac, as they shot 60.9% from 3-point range in that game, which is 20% higher than they’ve hit in any other game.

While American East games aren’t listed on the traditional Nevada Sports Schedule, you can find them listed in the extra games at some sportsbooks and the conference playoffs will likely be listed at more books, so familiarizing yourself with the conference isn’t a bad idea.

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