Pardon the pun, but it’s a pretty good “bet” that you aren’t going to find a gaming establishment with better promotions than BetOnline, or more OF them. And what distinguishes them from most of the crowd is that they tailor these promotions not only to draw new customers in, but also to keep the existing customers happy.

So while other casinos give you a bonus for signing up and then leave you on your own, BetOnline gives you bonuses that keep on giving.

One of the more exciting promotions is the $3000 Casino Bonus, which pays you three times. What it amounts to is a 100% bonus up to $1000 on EACH of your first three deposits. That’s right. They care about you even after you fund your account the first time. That might be a novel idea for casino patrons who have been with another establishment in the past.

So here’s what happens – you will use the bonus code of BOLCASINO, then make your deposit (minimum $25, maximum $1000) and they will go dollar for dollar with you on your deposit.

The promotions don’t stop there. They have a lot more going on to keep you occupied. On your first bet you will have an opportunity to make a $100 Risk Free Casino Play. That is a bet up to $100 that you can come right out of the gate with. And then if you lose you can earn back up to $100.

And once you get into BetOnline’s collection of casino offerings, you can have a lot of fun when seeking out some extra cash. In the “Live Casino Blackjack & Roulette Leaderboard Challenge,” you can chase down your share of $1800 in prize money – and that’s on a WEEKLY basis. What you have to do is wind up among the top three finishers on either of those leaderboards and you’re in the money.

And if you’re looking for something that’s really wild, try the monthly $100,000 Casino Iron Man Contest. It is new and improved, offering twice in the way of prize money and offering twice as many players the opportunity to step into the winners’ circle.

It sounds hard, doesn’t it? Relax; it’s not a stern physical test – it certainly doesn’t involve any running, swimming or bike riding. What it entails is some extended play on your behalf. You would be engaged in five days of play in the casino (each with a $1,000 turnover) during the space of a month. That earns you a ticket that gets you entered into a random draw. And for every five days you play, you’ll receive an extra ticket as well.

You definitely want more and more tickets, because that will give you the chance for better odds when the random draw takes place.

The winner gets a $10,000 prize, with $6000 for second and $4000 for third. Those are by no means the only winners. In fact, there are 200 customers who will get a prize through this promotion every month.


So BetOnline figures out a way to get everybody involved, not only when you open up an account, but afterward as well. The bottom line is that it’s well worth your while to come aboard. And they make it even more fruitful with the 5% Bitcoin Boost. Make a deposit using Bitcoin and they’ll add 5% over and above the value of that deposit. The promotion is in effect until Sunday (October 4). So now is the best time to act!