2013 Super Bowl Odds Through Week 6

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Week 6 of the 2013 NFL season is almost said and done with, and today, we are going to be looking at some of the best and most valuable odds to win the Super Bowl as we continue on with the campaign.

1: Denver Broncos (+280) – It remains really tough to want to go against QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos right now. About the only thing that is potentially holding this team back is the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are still 6-0 as well. However, Denver is clearly the best team in the league. Manning now has put up 476.0 yards of offense per game and 44.2 points per game. The time is going to come when this team is smacked in the mouth by someone, but who? If Denver gets through Indy this week, the next games of any note whatsoever are after the bye week starting on November 10th. 8-0 will be a formality, and the truth of the matter is that this team should go at least 14-2. If that turns out to be the case, the Broncos will have the #1 seed in the AFC, and the road to the Super Bowl will once again go through Mile High. Manning and his mates aren’t going to get as unlucky as they did last year in all likelihood, and no one else in the AFC even looks like the remotest of serious contenders right now outside of KC, which would have to play three road games to make it to the Super Bowl if it finishes second in the AFC West.

2: New Orleans Saints (+850) – The Saints might have been beaten last week on the road against the New England Patriots, but we still think that this team proved a heck of a lot in the loss. This defense under DC Rob Ryan is going to force some turnovers, and it is going to win some games when the offense slacks. We still haven’t seen the best out of QB Drew Brees and this offense yet. RB Mark Ingram really hasn’t gotten into the swing of the season, and WR Marques Colston hasn’t been at his best yet either. But what we love about New Orleans is the lack of challengers in the NFC for a bye week. Sure, the NFC West champ is probably going to be in line for a bye, and the winner of the NFC North might as well. However, the NFC South title is as good as sewn up already in our eyes, as New Orleans has 2.5 games on the Carolina Panthers and 3.5 on its most serious contenders, the Atlanta Falcons. Plus, the schedule ahead isn’t all that tough. The Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys are coming up after the bye week, and that should make this team at dead worst 7-2 going into the showdown with the San Francisco 49ers on November 17th. This is a great time to buy into the boys from the Bayou.

Sportsbook.AG3: Detroit Lions (+6600) – Once we get down into this range, we know if we get a team into the playoffs, we’re in good shape. The time is going to come when we all figure out that the Lions might be the best team in the NFC North. No, they didn’t beat the Green Bay Packers on the road, and yes, they do still have to pay a visit to Soldier Field later in the season to take on the Chicago Bears, but when you look at the rest of this schedule, you can’t help but cock and eyebrow and think to yourself that this is an 11-win team. Home games against the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, and New York Giants are all games in which Detroit will be favored, and the road game at the end of the year against the Minnesota Vikings will be the same as well. Win all of those games, and that’s 10 wins and a playoff berth, and that doesn’t even include a winnable game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road or one against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road. There isn’t a game that the Lions won’t at least challenge in for the rest of the season.

4: Philadelphia Eagles (+8000) – It’s at least interesting to think about the Eagles at this point. They have won back to back games, and they are in a position where if they hold serve on Sunday at home against the Dallas Cowboys, they’ll be in the lead in the NFC East with a respectable 4-3 record. But it’s what’s after that on the slate that really has us intrigued. The next games up are home against the New York Giants, at the Oakland Raiders, at the Green Bay Packers, home against the Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, and Detroit Lions, then at the Minnesota Vikings, home against the Chicago Bears, and at the Dallas Cowboys to finish the season. That’s not the hardest slate in the world, and for a team that has become the first in NFL history to put up at least 400 yards in each of its first six games, this at least becomes an intriguing possibility. Head Coach Chip Kelly knows that he can turn this team into a winner, though we aren’t all that sure whether it will be this quickly. At 80 to 1, we have to take our chances.

5: New York Giants (+42500) – Alright, maybe we’re a bit crazy to think that the Giants can actually get back into the thick of this fight. However, we know what this team is capable of when it goes on a roll. Getting a Wild Card spot is probably out of the question, but are we so insane to think that there is a 1 in 75 chance to win the NFC East? That’s about what we would need to make this a valuable bet in the long run. QB Eli Manning can’t stop turning it over, but we can directly say if he turns it over less, the Giants are winning games. They’ve been getting closer and closer, and they really should get into the win column for the first time this year this week against the Minnesota Vikings. The schedule is tough, but the mental toughness of this team is still here as well. If you’re going to do it, this is the time to bet on the Giants. If they lose this week to the Vikes, it’s all over with. But win that game and figure out how to steal one in Philly, and perhaps this team is just two back with half the season to go and three straight games at home coming after the bye week. It’s a pipe dream, but we still think that the G-Men have at least a fighting chance and aren’t warranted to be over 400 to 1 to win the Lombardi Trophy this year.

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