2013 BCS Championship Odds Through Week 8

2013 BCS Championship Odds

Week 8 of the 2013 college football season is said and done with, and today, we are going to be looking at some of the best and most valuable odds to win the BCS National Championship as we continue on with the campaign.

1: Alabama Crimson Tide (+160) – The first BCS rankings are out, and it’s not all that surprising that the Crimson Tide are the #1 team in the land. It’s clear if they win out, they are going to end up being in the title game, and there isn’t a game left on the docket that really should trip them up. In fact, there isn’t a game that is left in which we think Alabama is going to be less than a double digit favorite as well. However, with the rest of the SEC so far down this year, we are really starting to ask some questions about the depth of this conference. Is the SEC that deep, or is it that mediocre? A lot will be determined in the last week of the regular season, and a lot of it is going to be out of Alabama’s hands. There is a conceivable way that one trip, and that will be the end of the Crimson Tide as title contenders. Buyer beware.

2: Florida State Seminoles (+300) – The gamble with Florida State is basically the same gamble on a greater scale that Alabama is facing. There is absolutely no chance for FSU to get back into the title hunt with a loss. There is only one game left on the docket against a ranked team, and that comes against Miami, and the only other possibility of taking on a ranked team would be the game against either Miami or Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game. It’s not easy to think that the garnet and gold are going to survive a defeat anywhere along the way, and the truth of the matter is that they might need a loss somewhere along the way by either Bama or Oregon to end up getting into that second National Championship spot even though they occupy it right now. However, if QB Jameis Winston keeps balling out like he has been over the first few weeks of this season, perhaps the humans will start to realize that this is one of the best two teams in America. The computers love FSU. The humans though, have a big, huge gap that needs to be filled.

Sportsbook.AG3: Ohio State Buckeyes (+750) – Do we really like Ohio State’s chances of winning a game against any of these three teams in front of it? Not really. However, if you give us the option of taking +750 on the Buckeyes or +175 on Oregon, it isn’t even close. It is still very conceivable that somewhere along the way, both Florida State and Oregon could trip, and there is no chance whatsoever that two SEC teams are going to end up in front of the Buckeyes this year either. That’s a massive point to make, and it’s only being made because the humans aren’t going to allow a Missouri vs. Alabama National Championship Game right after seeing the same two teams play against each other in the SEC Championship Game. So what’s left for OSU is to avoid potholes, of which there really shouldn’t be any along the way. The game at the Big House is the only one left that could trip up the Bucks. Ohio State is the most likely team to go unbeaten in our eyes, but it is going to need some help along the way as well.

4: Miami Hurricanes (+2000) – Here’s the difference between Miami and the rest of the teams from here on down. The Hurricanes can play their way into the National Championship Game with a minimal amount of help as we see it. The Canes figure to have to beat Florida State, Virginia Tech, and then Florida State again to finish out the season, and if you beat the Noles (who just beat a Top 5 ranked team on the road) twice in the same season, once of which would have come in Tallahassee, you deserve some consideration. There is still a big question as to whether or not this team has what it takes to ultimately win the title this year or not, and we truthfully doubt it. However, at this point at 20 to 1, Miami has proven that it can beat some darn good teams, something that not many can say thus far on the season.

5: Stanford Cardinal (+4400) – Stanford knows that it has a shot to still do something special this season. That loss to Utah is going to sting, but the opportunity is going to be there to make up for it. Should the Cardinal run the table, they would have put together wins against Arizona State, Washington State, Washington, UCLA, Oregon State, Oregon, USC, Notre Dame, and likely either Arizona State or UCLA a second time in the Pac-12 Championship Game. That’s a pretty darn impressive mark, and the argument could be made that a one-loss Stanford team could conceivably finish in front of Miami and Ohio State. If that’s the case, the only team that stands in the way of Stanford is Florida State, and if we are banking on Ohio State at 7.50 to 1 for the Seminoles to lose, we can do the exact same thing with what we perceive to be a better team that is more suited to be Alabama in the National Championship Game at 44 to 1.

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