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College Super 6 Contest IMPORTANT UPDATE

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On 10/06/2011 08:16 AM in Contests
If your plays were not posted in order before, it has counted as a did not play. Since there have not been many, I have decided to let those posts count. PLAYS SHOULD STILL BE POSTED IN ORDER….it makes it so much easier on me. I went back into the standings and corrected what needed updated. It can and will effect your standings for the year.


Record to far left is overall record so far. Records after your name are week by week records in order. (DNP) means you did not play that week or you did not use rotation numbers.

(16-8) Thehitman (5-1)(5-1)(2-4)(4-2)
(15-8-1) Mcrowe38315 (3-2-1)(4-2)(3-3)(5-1)
(15-9) Enzymex (5-1)(1-5)(4-2)(5-1)
(14-9-1) Bobalou (2-4)(4-2)(5-0-1)(3-3)
(14-10) Boogyman (3-3)(5-1)(3-3)(3-3)
(14-10) Finance (3-3)(3-3)(4-2)(4-2)
(13-11) Minet123 (3-3)(5-1)(4-2)(1-5)
(13-11) Igetp2s (5-1)(2-4)(3-3)(3-3)
(12-5-1) Kbhirsch (3-2-1)(4-2)(DNP)(5-1)
(12-9-3) Oakas (4-1-1)(5-1)(1-4-1)(2-3-1)
(12-10-2) Sharpsquare (2-3-1)(3-3)(2-3-1)(5-1)
(12-11-1) 8550937 (2-3-1)(2-4)(4-2)(4-2)
(11-12-1) Nikalibobwa (0-6)(3-3)(4-2)(4-1-1)
(11-12-1) Roguesalmon (4-2)(2-4)(1-4-1)(4-2)
(11-13) Hitmen44 (3-3)(3-3)(2-4)(3-3)
(10-6-2) Bulldog (6-0)(DNP)(2-3-1)(2-3-1)
(10-14) Miners26 (1-5)(2-4)(3-3)(4-2)
(9-8-1) Jrich (3-2-1)(3-3)(DNP)(3-3)
(9-14-1) Marksmoneymakers (2-3-1)(3-3)(1-5)(3-3)
(9-14-1) Gamblinrose (2-3-1)(3-3)(1-5)(3-3)
(9-15) Bill2266 (1-5)(4-2)(2-4)(2-4)
(9-7-2) Jimmythegreek (2-3-1)(4-2)(DNP)(3-2-1)
(8-10) Mojo822 (3-3)(DNP)(1-5)(4-2)
(8-10) Hatman (4-2)(3-3)(1-5)(DNP)
(8-10) Iwutitan (3-3)(4-2)(DNP)(1-5)
(8-15-1) Aakj (3-3)(3-3)(1-4-1)(1-5)
(8-10) Surfryder21 (3-3)(4-2)(1-5)(DNP)
(7-11) Cnotes (3-3)(2-4)(2-4)(DNP)
(7-11) Shantystar (1-5)(4-2)(2-4)(DNP)
(6-6) Trytrytry (DNP)(DNP)(3-3)(3-3)
(5-7) Mattdagreat (DNP)(DNP)((2-4)(3-3)
(4-1-1) Dogwoodman (4-1-1)(DNP)(DNP)(DNP)
(4-2) Albatross7(4-2)(DNP)(DNP)(DNP)
(3-3) Deadphish (DNP)(DNP)(3-3)(DNP)
(3-3) Theseer (3-3)(DNP)(DNP)(DNP)
(3-3) BigCat21 (DNP)(3-3)(DNP)(DNP)
(3-9) Yellowdragon (2-4)(1-5)(DNP)(DNP)
(3-9) Doof (DNP)(DNP)((2-4)(1-5)
(2-3-1) Danpan (2-3-1)(DNP)(DNP)(DNP)
(2-4) Dawg2 (DNP)(DNP)(DNP)(2-4)

Another note/reminder: The yearly standings are based on win percentage, not total wins. I have just been listing them in order of wins. Once we get down to the final couple of weeks, I will list by win percentage.

Please keep in mind to be eligible for the overall prize, you can only miss three weeks. There are thirteen weeks in this contest and you must play at least 10 of 13. As people are disqualified for the yearly prize, I will be removing them from the standings, so if you do not see you name, that is why.
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Pfile Nickname finance
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10/06/2011 09:42 AM
Thanks Mark - this is a whole lot of work and it is certainly appreciated....
» All Time Record: 1718-1713-44
» Last 7 Days Record: 16-18-0
» Last 30 Days Record: 52-61-2
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Pfile Nickname marksmoneymakers
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10/06/2011 11:27 AM
Your welcome Finance. Just keep in mind that I still want everybody to post in order. If there are just a few misses, I will allow it. If it becomes a problem, we will have to bring the original rule back in place.
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Pfile Nickname bobalou
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10/06/2011 01:34 PM
Thanks for giving people a second chance. I know this is tons of work for you but perhaps people will see that you're trying and so should we. You have so many contests to keep up with and grade I think the rotation numbers in order is the least we can do to help you out. Thank you for all your hard work.
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